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Thailand is famous for its sex clubs, so no wonder there is place for swingers as well. Not even one, but there are several Bangkok swingers clubs and Pattaya sex clubs (city which popular for its sleazy areas). There are even some adult resorts! But pls, keep in mind that officially most of sex activities are illegal in Thailand. In reality country full of any kind of sex places which operates following ancient Asian double standards, "don't ask - don't tell". For you it means: use them but for your own responsibility and with proper precautions. Before your trip do some research of:
  • basic Thai etiquette. It's including advices on how to act with police - many farangs got probs only because of hysterics in front of policemans. Also we heard lots of stories about conflicts between emotional Thai sex club visitors who wasn't controlled their mouth or acting and enraged ladyboys (the most dangerous ppl for newbie sex tourist in Thailand) or taxists
  • last news on sex related crimes and crackdowns in city of interest. Nowadays Pattaya is infamous zone for irrational checkups of massage parlours by Thai police. Bangok swingers clubs scene is more stable
  • of course, reviews of Thai sex clubs here :) We recommend to start from Bangkok swingers clubs because of top variety. Last years Pattaya sex places became regularly suppressed by local police and sex scene of other cities is very poor in compare to BKK and Pattaya
Chock dee! (means: good luck!)

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