3 Safe Places I Find Swingers to Play With Every Weekend: In-Person vs Online

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Swingers are all around you, but they like to stay anonymous in their everyday life. The trick to meeting swingers is finding them in the right places; this is how I consistently find swingers to play with every weekend. So where are the best places?

Swinger’s Club

The best and most obvious place to find a swinger is in a swinger’s club. But don’t make the mistake of thinking all swinger’s clubs are all the same.

I’ve been to clubs where all you find are creepy, unattractive individuals who make you want to ditch being a swinger altogether. But then, I’ve also visited clubs where everyone is attractive and having a fun time. If you’re a couple, my suggestion is going to an upscale couples-only swinger’s club.

Trust me, it’s the single men you don’t want around. They’re single for a reason.

Once you’ve found a good swingers club, it’s time to find a couple.  In my experience, not everyone who is into you will approach you, but they’ll definitely keep looking over. After a couple looks over at me a second time, it’s my cue to approach them.

The first few times I approached couples, it was nerve wrecking. I was a mess of jumbled words and stutters, and it might be that way for you too. But I quickly learned that most people are really nice once you talk to them, and they’re happy you took the initiative. Plus, you’ll come across as much more confident!

What I love about swinger’s clubs is that they’re safe. Security is everywhere, and if someone so much as touches your shoulder without your permission, they’ll be quick to throw them out. This is because swinger’s clubs have a strict policy on no meaning no. If you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to. It’s perfectly fine to just go there to watch or talk to others!

But if you’re ready to participate, the real upside of a swinger’s club is you can start playing right away. You meet someone, and you don’t have to set up dates and then maybe get invited back to their place; everyone is already there for sex, and if you both like someone, there’s a good chance you’ll get right to it at the swinger’s club! Also, make sure to get their phone number and plan on the next time you’ll come back too.

The only downside to a swinger’s club is the entry fee. At the one I go to, the fee is $40 per visit, which can add up if you’re planning on going every weekend. I recommend asking if they offer a monthly or annual pass to save a lot of money.

The other downside to be ready for are the stares. It’s a swinger’s club, so everyone has sex on their mind. Some people are discrete about checking you out while others will flat out stare at you up and down as you walk past. Yes, there’s always going to be creepy people! So be ready.

Overall though, swinger’s clubs are great places to quickly meet and have fun with other swingers.


When I first went to swinger’s clubs, I found them to be a little overwhelming. If this is you, you can start out using online dating to find people to play with.

I personally use Tinder and Badoo, but you’ll get similar results using other dating apps. When you join, you get to create a profile of yourself which includes pictures of you and a short description of who you are.

To be successful on any online dating service, you have to put a lot of thought into both your pictures and your bio. You have approximately one second to capture someone’s interest before they decide to pass or learn more about you, so use that second wisely. What has worked for me is including a variety of photos that really capture who I am alongside a funny but descriptive bio. Use your imagination!

The upside is you can quickly filter through people you’re not interested in with a quick glance at their profile. I never waste time on people I know I won’t click with, and neither should you. Even casual sex is better with someone you have chemistry with.

The downside of online dating is sometimes, people are just looking for, well, dating. They’re not looking for sex, and they’re definitely not looking to be swingers with you. Even then, I have found a great number of swingers or just singles who don’t mind being shared. The trick is to use your bio to attract the right people to match with you. Be honest!

The last thing to be ready for is the time it takes to actually meet someone. Don’t expect to quickly skip to the fun like in a swinger’s club, especially if you’re meeting single women. People are weary of people they meet online (and with good reason), so it can take time to get a feel for you and what your intentions are. Plan to take some time messaging before you make the final move and ask for a date.

When you play your cards right (and have a great bio), online dating platforms will introduce you to many people you can have fun with. Build your network and eventually you’ll have a few people you can call up when you’re in the mood.

Adult Friend Finder

Tinder and Badoo are nice, but when it comes to finding swingers, Adult Friend Finder is the ultimate platform. On this site, everyone is purposely looking for hookups, sex and swinging with other couples, making it incredibly easy for you to find someone.

My favorite thing about this website is the depth that you can filter you matches to. For example, you can indicate that you only want to see couples ages 21 – 30 who have been online in the past week. Compare that to Tinder or Badoo which just show you every person who has an account!

Be warned, as soon as you enter this website, expect explicit pictures. In fact, most people won’t show their face on profile pictures to be discrete, and they’ll only show their bodies. You’re there for sex anyway, right?

Nonetheless, I always ask for face pictures after sending them a few messages and deciding they’re good matches. If they’re interested, they’ll send you their face pics.

When you use this site properly, it can be a great source of fun. Remember, while the site is filled with naked pictures, you’re still talking to real people. So try to avoid opening with creepy lines, drooling about their appearance, or saying what you’d like to do to them. Instead, imagine you’re still on Tinder, and open with a respectful line while still showing you’re interested in them.

And just like Tinder, put a lot of effort into putting together great pictures and an engaging bio! It’ll be the difference between being ignored and successfully bringing someone home.

I’ve had a lot of success on this site, and despite it being a paid site, it’s worth it if you’re actively seeking to bring home people to play with.

Swinger’s clubs, Online Dating and Adult Friend Finder – those are the three places I find swingers to play with. If you use each platform right, you’re sure to find someone every weekend too. Try it out for yourself!

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