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2000 Thailand (Pattaya) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Pattaya
Phone: +6672738955

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Club 2000 Thailand after recently being fully renovated is now a swingers resort for couples only. Make a reservation now at our website or send us an email (details at our website) and come relax in this beautiful classy resort in Pattaya.

We now have a new beautiful private first class resort in Pattaya, just over an hour by car from the new Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok.

From the moment you enter the resort you know, you’re going to have that perfect holiday!

Club 2000 Thailand Poolside Bedrooms

Swim with your new friends in our private pool, heated by the natural hot sun in our luxurious private resort. The resort has 18 beautiful bedrooms set around a warm swimming pool and tropical gardens amongst swaying palms. So it’s only a few steps to the pool for a refreshing swim.

Club 2000 Thailand Bedrooms

All bedrooms are air-conditioned and have en suite bathrooms with hot & cold water. Bedrooms also have a fridge, and views of the swimming pool and the tropical gardens.

Swimming Pool

Relax around the pool, for that morning coffee or afternoon drink.

Pattaya City

Pattaya is Thailand’s largest resort town and offers a wide range of activities, sports and pastimes to please all tastes and budgets, ranging from diving and golf to swimming and shopping, relaxing on the beach to bungee jumping, motorsports to real Thai massage and spas.

The nightlife is legendary, with several thousand bars, restaurants, clubs and go-go bars to choose from, all located conveniently within a large area.

This is truly a first-class resort providing the very best in luxury accommodation. Come and experience the ultimate in exotic lifestyle holidays here in the holiday capital of Thailand.

Club 2000 rules

  • No cameras allowed in the club
  • We reserve the right to search for cameras, camera phones, & recording devices of any description and confiscate any found. Members in breach of these rules will be barred for life!
  • ALL new members will be required to produce valid photo ID
  • Members are requested not to be pushy in any way towards other members.
  • Please remember the No. 1 rule is that “NO means NO”
  • Dress code is smart!
  • No trainers or jeans, please. Many of the girls make the effort to dress up, so the guys should too!
  • Otherwise, as much or as little clothing as you want.
  • For safety reasons, only plastic glasses are allowed in the club which is provided free of charge.
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