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Virginia Friends (Richmond) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Richmond, VA, USA
Phone: 757-389-8269
Website: https://www.vafriendsonline.com/sessions/new

Virginia Friends


First let us start off by saying welcome and we are glad you are here at our website.
So you would like to learn a little more about our club.  Great!!!  Maybe you are experienced in the lifestyle and looking for a place to broaden your experiences.   Or you are completely new, and looking for a place to “break the ice” and initiate yourself into the lifestyle.  Either way Virginia Friends is the perfect place.  We have found that the best way to meet “like minded” couples is through socials like ours.  We have all heard the stories of other couples trying magazine ads, telephone services, personals, the Internet, etc.  Maybe it’s even happened to you.  After sifting through dozens of potential people who you think you might want to get together with, you spend countless hours trying to get to know them although you have never met in person. When you finally decide it’s time to meet  98% of the time it’s a complete failure and disappointment because they are too pushy or it takes forever to plan a meeting or they tell you lies and send bogus pictures or after all the trouble, you find out you don’t relate and have to try and get out of an uncomfortable situation.  On top of all that IT’S DANGEROUS!!!  You are meeting complete strangers in an uncontrolled environment.
Virginia Friends is a completely different, much more relaxed, secure atmosphere.  Here you are under no obligation to do ANYTHING you do not want to.  The golden rule is “NO MEANS NO!”  You actually get to meet, see and talk to the people from the very start. And there is no uncomfortable expectations on you.  Let me walk you through an idea of what you might encounter at a Virginia Friends social.
When you first arrive at one of our socials you will notice our events take place in a clean, safe, well maintained area at a nationally known hotel .  If you are staying at the hotel you will check into your room (don’t worry, the hotel staff treats you no differently than any other guest). If you have arrived early enough, between 3-5pm,  you can register at early registration set up at the hotel lounge. (check with schedule on the newsletter page as this may vary).
Once you get settled you will attended a newcomer’s seminar in the hotel lounge.  This is MANDATORY for all first time members even if you have been in the lifestyle many years.  The main purpose is to answer any questions you might have about the club or lifestyle, and to familiarize you with local rules, guidelines, club rules and etiquette, etc.  It’s very informal and also gives you a chance to meet other couples ahead of time.  Anywhere from 5 to 20 new couples may attend the seminar at any given social.
When the seminar is over  you will register at the registration desk set up outside the lounge if you have not already done so at early registration. You and your partner must each show a valid drivers license as proof of age.  Here you will pay any fees due and receive your wristbands and optional name tags.  Wristbands are worn so you can easily tell club members from regular hotel guests and so our security staff can tell who you are.  They must be worn all night and to gain admittance to the club floor upstairs.  Virginia Friends provides security for your  benefit,  privacy, and protection.  They mingle with the crowd in a very low key manner, and make sure only members are allowed admittance to members’ areas (the lounge and the club floor).  You will be able to identify them by the shirts they wear and state of the art headsets which allow them to be in constant contact with each other.  Remember they are there for you and not the other hotel guests.
Now the fun begins!!!  The dance!!!  Most dances average 65 or more couples in varying age groups of 25 to 55.  Have you ever been to a nightclub with about 200 people dancing and socializing?  Our dances are no different.  The only exception is you will probably meet more people and you don’t have to worry about single men hitting on your spouse.   Every one there has the same thing on their mind.  A night out to have fun and enjoy your spouse with the possibility of a little extra bonus thrown in!!!  There is no pressure.  Our live entertainment plays the latest in music to keep your feet tapping and the people are open and friendly. Just don’t be wallflowers.  Whatever you do make it a rule to meet people!!  But don’t set your expectations too high.  Go with the thought that you are going to “just check it out the first time.”  If you don’t worry too much about the sex part, you will have a blast!!! Don’t be afraid to mingle and talk to people.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to start a conversation.  It feels great to be around “like minded” people.  If something happens and you meet another couple that interests you, great.  Or if you aren’t ready no big deal.  There is always the next social or the one after that.  At VAF you set your own pace.
The hotel provides a full service cash bar with professional bartenders to serve your favorite drinks.  We do suggest, if you are going to be drinking, get a room so you won’t have to drive.
Once the dance ends the party moves to the club floor (the 2nd floor of the hotel).  The entire floor is reserved and only Virginia Friends members can gain admittance.  Security is posted at all entrances.  On the club floor anything goes.  We provide mixers and munchies…you BYOB.  The hospitality suite is open to continue your socializing.  An adjoining room  to the hospitality suite is provided for the more adventurous and “group” oriented couples.  Many times you will find the famous Sybian there for your enjoyment.  Or if you prefer something more personal all member rooms are located on the club floor with the exception of the members who prefer the non-smoking floor or when we have too many members attending to fit on the club floor.  Then the second floor rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis with members paying online having first choice.  Over flow is moved to the other floor in that order.  Whether or not you pay online and the time at which you reserve your room through the hotel will determine who has priority, NOT when you RSVP to an event.
You will find all kinds of swing at our club.  From soft swing, to sex in the same bed with no swapping, to anything goes, to just watching.  It’s all up to you.  What ever you want or don’t want.  No hassle, no pressure.  Come and see for yourself.

Now just a short overview of club policies that are good to know before you attend:

  • Absolutely NO controlled substances.
  • Each couple must have a signed club agreement on file.
  • Each couple must be 21 or older. We have the right to check IDs.
  • Club issued name tags and wristbands are required.
  • Proper dress is required in all public areas of the hotel.
  • VA ABC laws must be adhered to at all times.
  • No nudity in the lounge area. This includes no visible thongs ladies.
  • All drinks purchased in the lounge must be consumed in the lounge.
  • Drinks not purchases in the lounge may not be brought into the lounge.
  • Bartenders are obligated to refuse service to anyone they deem too intoxicated.

 Protect the privacy of the club and other members:

  • Do not invite non-members to the club floor.
  • Be careful in places where non-members can hear your conversation.
  • Do not make suggestive comments or flaunt your activities around other hotel guests or staff.
  • Keep all club and lifestyle activities within the lounge and club floor.

If your clothing is not “Street Legal,” you must cover up in all public areas.

It’s all really common sense.  Respect the rights of others to believe what they want to believe, and respect the club and club members right to privacy.  We strictly enforce all club and Virginia ABC policies.


  • VA Friends is an adult lifestyle club in Virginia.
  • Single ladies are highly respected in the VA Friends Community. Stalking or harassment of single ladies is never permitted and, if excessive, can result in temporary or permanent suspension of a couple’s membership.
  • VA Friends does not release a guest’s private information to other guests; nor does VA Friends sell guest information. To contact a VA Friends guest, you will need to ask the guest directly at a VA Friends Event.
  • Couples should arrive and depart the event together.
  • No means no, so if someone tells you no, we ask you to respect this decision.
  • Whether you are a man or a woman, please ask for the consent of others before touching.
  • Please respect the VA Friends venue at all times by keeping it clean and picking up after yourself. If you have an accident, please clean it up, and/or notify staff to help you.
  • All guests should respect the dignity of others. No rude conduct toward guests or staff will be permitted.
  • If you enter a play area, and are not playing, we kindly ask that you whisper or do not talk at all.
  • Please do not invade the personal space of others while they are playing. If there is a doubt, please ask them if they would like your company.
  • Please keep your voice down outside and respect the neighborhood.
  • VA Friends has a no-tolerance policy for drugs or prostitution.
  • No cameras, cell phone cameras or recording devices are permitted for use.
  • Overly intoxicated guests will be asked to leave the party area or will be denied entrance.
  • Excessively promoting competing events at VA Friends may result in membership suspension.

VA FRIENDS Hotel Information

Hotel Information:
(Notice: the hotel no longer takes cash)
Our Club Socials are held near Richmond located in the central part of Virginia making it easily accessible throughout the state, DC, Maryland, and North Carolina.  About 2 to 3 hours from the most Major Area areas.  The location of the party will be posted on the Event Page for that particular date.  This may change as some events may be modified due to unforeseen circumstances.

Special room rates apply for Virginia Friends members.  If you do plan on staying at the hotel during club events (recommended for maximum fun) please see the RSVP page for hotel reservation information.  We can not stress enough how important it is to make your reservations well in advance and to tell the hotel you are a Virginia Friends member.  If you do not tell the hotel you are a club member when you call. they have no way of knowing.  It is YOUR responsibility to inform the hotel of your membership status and to confirm your status the week of the social.  You must inform the hotel BEFORE you arrive to check in.  Couples with RSVPs who do not inform the hotel that they are coming as a Virginia Friends member will automatically be booked as regular guests and will be placed farthest away from the party. This means you will not be assigned to the party floors room or receive a discount on the room. Walk-ins must also inform the hotel you are with VAF to receive the discount (if any) on the room but will stand a much greater chance of not being assigned to the club floor.  You can make reservations up to 52 weeks in advance but PLEASE do not wait until the week of the social you wish to attend before trying to make a reservation.  The hotel is often booked solid during club events. There a limited number of rooms reserved for the club.  Although the hotel does not actually assign rooms until the weekend of the dance, the club floors are booked on a first come first serve basis in the following order.

Couples that:

  • Book 2 or more nights
  • Couples that show up and pay for the room first
  • Couples that made reservations and guaranteed with credit card.
  • Couples that just made reservations
  • Walk in Couples
  • There is NO guarantee you will get the party floor.
Notes provided by the Hotel Management:
  • Call local hotel number only,  keep in mind your reservation is not booked until you get a confirmation number from the hotel.  Please mention that your are with the Virginia Friends or “VAF” group.
  • Cancellation policy is 48 hours prior to event excluding holidays which is one week prior to arrival without charges being incurred.
  • Special room request are just that – a request.  No rooms are guaranteed for any member.  However, The Management does everything they possibly can to accommodate everyone and unfortunately, that is not always possible.
  • A valid credit card must be given in order to book a reservation.
  • All reservations must be booked directly through the hotel in order to be with the group and to attend functions.

Virginia Friends Membership:


1-Year VA Friends GOLD Membership   $25
Entitles you to VA Friends GOLD Membership for 1 Year including highly discounted membership events, AutoDate for events and matches, priority on sold out events, and essential web upgrades. You must still have an event ticket to attend VA Friends, as this membership does not admit you to a party. Membership is for couples and single ladies only. Membership at VA Friends is NOT available for single males at this time.
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