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Richmond VA Lifestyle FetLife Group (Richmond) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Richmond, VA, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/36021/about

Richmond VA Lifestyle FetLife Group

Welcome to the Fetlife home of the Richmond VA Lifestyle Group (RLG).

This forum is a resource that members of the community can use to discuss topics of interest to them and find out about upcoming RLG events. We invite people of all ages, faiths, orientations, and interests to join this group and share in the responsibilities and benefits of belonging to this organization. Our core values are Education, Community, and Safety, and we welcome anyone who strives for these same goals and is willing to work towards achieving them.

This group may not be for everyone. We are not a swingers club, a dating site, or a group that throws “sex parties”. We are a group that is focused on accepting, supporting, and educating people who desire to live in a manner that is outside of what society considers normal. We are a real group that meets in real life and members of this group will benefit most through participation in the group. We have munches, educational events, play parties, and many other chances to meet, socialize, and learn with like minded people. If you have no interest in participating in group activities, then we hope you find this board informative, but understand that this group is not specifically geared towards you, although you are still welcome here. We understand that no one can make all of the events, and we welcome the participation of even people who can only occasionally join us.

A little about the Group Leaders: Lostgirlmissy and I started this group to continue work that we had been doing within the local community. We do not claim to be experts or authorities on BDSM experiences. There are many people within this group who have far more knowledge and experience than we could ever hope to claim. What we do bring to the group as leaders of RLG is a dedication to building something of value, a willingness to work with anyone, and a systematic, common-sense approach to accomplishing our goals. We look at this group as being more about the people who make up the group than anything else. We are especially sensitive to the needs of new people, and understand what it is like to take those first few steps. We encourage anyone new to the RLG to contact us, find out what they can expect from this group, and tell us what would make them feel more comfortable.


In general, act like an adult and try to get along with everyone else.

Disruptive behavior, or airing personal issues, will not be tolerated. Whether it is spreading rumors, trolling the discussion boards, violating group rules, or making personal conflicts a public affair, these actions will result in a negative reaction, including the possibility of being asked to leave without any warning. While we consider such actions drastic, and of a last resort, we must ensure that this group functions in the best interests of the membership.

We reserve the right to ask for some form of identification for the purpose of age verification. This group is open to anyone over the age of 18, with some restrictions on people under 21. We prefer to be over-cautious rather than under-cautious in this regard, so please do not be offended if we ask you to verify your age. No personal information will be recorded or copied for this purpose.

Not reading the rules is not an excuse for violating them

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