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R-Place (Omaha City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 2424 Q Street, Omaha, NE 68107, USA
Phone: (531) 210-7285
Twitter: @rplaceomaha


What Ever Your Fantasy Is We have You Covered at R-Place the unique Omaha swingers club. R-Place is like nothing in Omaha or the surrounding areas we have quickly become the areas premiere social hotspot where the lifestyle crowd goes. It’s not open to the public and is not a bar or strip club, It is a privately owned 4,000 sq ft 3 level building turned into an elegant upscale classy venue that you can meet other like-minded adults and enjoy yourself on-premise. It is private, safe, and secure!

R-place features a bar/lounge with a complete dance floor, state of the art dance lighting, D.J Booth, and a professional sound system for those that wish to dance to the hottest music around, R-Place features lounge-style tables & chairs, 5 total TV’s three 40″ plus a 53′ and 60 inch for sports and porn. There are 3 living room social areas with new leather furniture for socializing, each with couches, tables and TV’s, 4 private bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (3 with showers) featuring upscale interior design.

Plus the Dungeon downstairs (The Playroom), it has group beds and it features 2 electric hoist sex swings, restraints, a male and female glory hole, also just added a professional massage table for your sensual and playful enjoyment. Plus a few other goodies like our brand new Sybian (Please use a condom on it), everything is cleaned and spotless at all times. We have a large outdoor patio with a 6 ft privacy fence surrounding it, along with lots of intimate seating and music outdoors to enjoy. A 20 x 19 covered sky room with a new 12-foot propane fire pit for the cold nights so it stays nice and warm and it seats 30 people. We hold theme parties every Saturday night.

Dress Code/Rules of Omaha Swingers Club

R-place is looking for couples/singles as long as you are respectful, and follow the house rules at all times. Thank you for attending our house gatherings. Take a moment to think about your manner of dress. The way a person dresses can say a lot about what it is you are looking for. This is why we say dress for success. Dress Pants and a nice button-up or polo shirt is a minimum for men Business Casual, Women feel free to wear clubwear, lingerie, sexy dresses, and corsets, you can always change clothes once you arrive inside. Remember NO MEANS NO! Arrive alive do not drink and drive. This is our home please respect it and everything inside. Don’t be afraid to dress up many do to help make it a memorable night. Please check our calendar for events we strongly encourage people to dress to the theme, However, it is never required that you dress the theme. Our themes are designed as a way to bring people to common ground. Dressing to theme tends to make it easy to break the ice during a party. The most common manner of dress: Men dress in clean and respectable clothes those here to really party dress in slacks and a button-up shirt. Women dress in sexy outfits ranging in sexy dresses to corsets and more provocative attire. The following is NOT sexy club attire and is NOT permitted: Baggy shirts or pants Baseball type caps of any kind, beanies or skull caps Sleeveless shirts (men), tank tops (men), T-shirts of any type (men and women) Sports apparel of any kind unless its Theme Night Flip-flops, athletic shoes of any color, open toe sandals (men) or work boots Distressed jeans whether new or from wear Anyone arriving not in dress code will NOT be allowed to enter You are required to follow all rules while in our home, Do not break them and ruin a fun night out. We do not give out warnings If you break them you will be told to leave. You must be 21 or over to enter No Exceptions.


You are required to follow all rules while in our home, Do not break them and ruin a fun night out. We do not give out warnings If you break them you will be told to leave. 

  • You must be 21 or over to enter No Exceptions.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed this also includes C.C.W.
  • No Fighting. No Drama. No Disrespectful behavior or arguing.
  • No Photography is allowed.
  • No Loitering outside this includes waiting for a ride, phone calls or smoking.
  • Drugs are strictly prohibited this includes marijuana if you are suspected of being under the influence you will be escorted out. If you bring drugs in I will personally call the police and have you arrested. I have zero tolerance on this.
  • Please do not litter outside take your trash with you.
  • Respect our Neighborhood keep noise levels low.
  • Remember NO MEANS NO! 
  • Arrive alive do not drink and drive.
  • This is our home please respect it and everything inside.


Q.What is Swinging


Swinging (sometimes referred to as the swing lifestyle or simply the lifestyle) refers to relationships in which the partners participate in some form of consensual non-monogamous sexual experiences. The overall concept of a swing lifestyle club or venue is to provide a safe place where everyone can act out their personal sexual fantasies. The exact fantasies are up to the person, but the hope is by providing a safe place those fantasies will be enacted and will grow into even more fulfilling sexual experiences.

Most on-premise (the sexual activity can occur at the party location) lifestyle clubs and venues provide the opportunity to explore as much or as little of the lifestyle as each person is comfortable with. On-premise clubs and venues usually offer great DJs and popular bands playing music for dancing throughout the evening as well as venues (play areas) for varying degrees of sexual activity and social areas to talk. While not all couples attend the parties to share partners or play with others, many like to know there are many possibilities out there. Some are open to sharing intercourse with their partners and friends. Others will flirt and enjoy threesomes or sexual acts that do not include actual intercourse. The most important thing is to have open discussions with others that might be interested prior to initiating any play. Communication is a must in the lifestyle and this means not only between partners but also with others. It gives you the chance for sexual exploration for those who are open-minded.

Q. Do we have to do anything?

Not at all, some want to be watched others want to watch. Some choose to just come and meet people, dance, and flirt. What you do is up to you and no one will ever force you to do anything you don’t want. You’re in control and No means No at all times.

Q. What is a Lifestyle Party?

Most lifestyle parties are social parties for couples and singles. They tend to dress up as they would for any downtown club or bar. However, at lifestyle functions we get to be a bit more daring and provocative – it’s a chance to wear that revealing outfit that isn’t quite appropriate for downtown. Many times the parties are themed – imagine the possibilities for Halloween!!! No one is ever required to wear specific clothes (nor any clothes in some play areas) but clothes shopping suddenly takes on a new dimension for everyone!

Each new experience and party will provide partners with ample avenues for discussion. Over time, relationships expand and grow as new fantasies are explored. Many times partners will change or adapt their boundaries over time through this discussion process.

The lifestyle means something different to each person. There is nothing any person ever has to do and no one should ever feel they MUST say yes to a play request. There are many couples that enjoy lifestyle friendships and social events especially the great dances but do not participate in sexual activities.

Q. What is the best night for new people?

We suggest coming on Friday the atmosphere is the same but more laid back.

Q. What types of people attend?

All walks of life attend from blue-collar all the way to professional. Ages range from 21 to 68 yrs old.

Q. What if I see someone I know?

Relax take a deep breath, they are here for the same reason you are people in the lifestyle are very discrete.

Q. Why isn’t there more photos?

We want to make sure everyone’s privacy is respected and we like to be discrete. Seeing R-Place in person is much better than any photo we promise.

Q. Isn’t it just a giant orgy and everyone just touching everyone when you walk in?

A. No that is the misconception and misinformation given out by people who are uneducated about the lifestyle and have never attended any type of lifestyle party and make up stories and rumors that they pass around and exactly why we try to educate the public. Our parties give couples and single an avenue to come meet others explore their fantasy and see if there is a connection or interest in a safe setting. After that, it’s completely up to each person if they want to move to a more private setting.  Your rules must be followed and respected No means no and you never have to do anything you don’t want. This is why we say you should always discuss your rules with your partner before ever attending and then stick to them.

Q. Can this save my bad marriage?

A. Unfortunately, the answer is no, in fact, it could make it worse. The lifestyle is about basic principles secure relationships and designed to enhance healthy relationships. Counseling is what you seek. 

Q. I want to go but cant talks my partner into it.

This sometimes happens, don’t push your partner to give them time and room to think about it and do not go behind their back, that is the definition of cheating and is frowned upon in the lifestyle.


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