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Friends Night Out (Oswego) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Oswego, IL, USA
Website: https://www.friendsnightout.com

Friends Night Out

FNO parties are held at an on-premise club in the Oswego, IL area. Due to the nature of what we do. We cannot disclose the location until you have committed to an event.


Friends Night Out Amenities

Here are some of the amenities:

  • Indoor and outdoor clothing optional hot tubs
  • Indoor and outdoor clothing optional heated swimming pools
  • Designated dressing room to wardrobe changes
  • Lockers
  • 15 beds in 8 separate rooms
  • Private and public playrooms
  • Closed-circuit exhibitionist room (perhaps)
  • Nightclub with a large dance floor and stripper pole
  • Three stations with mixers and ice – Events are BYOB
  • Smoke free yet areas to smoke in a heated area.
  • Lastly, some of the sexiest and friendliest people you will ever meet. That’s why we call it FRIENDS NIGHT OUT.

Club rules:

  • Private Club or Business
  • Full disclosure; FNO is a private club for members only. However, we aren’t fabulously wealthy and we do try to make a small profit. This allows us to provide the best possible experience for our friends…
  • Please Dress to Impress
  • Men wear slacks or nice jeans with a collared dress shirt or polo type shirt or classy Tee and nice shoes.
  • Ladies generally come dressed in a sexy top or club dress. Many change into sexier clothing and/or lingerie later in the evening.
  • NICE jeans are permitted. Jeans that are distressed or overly worn are NOT permitted. If in doubt, contact us. We want to ensure you are comfortable and have a chance to make the best impression possible.
  • Any FNO wear.

The following is NOT sexy club attire and is NOT permitted:

  • Baggy shirts or pants

  • Baseball type caps of any kind, beanies or skull caps

  • Sleeveless shirts (men), tank tops (men), old T-shirts of any type (men and women)

  • Sports apparel of any kind

  • Work boots

  • Distressed jeans whether new or from wear

Single Male Policy and Process

Hello and thank you for your interest in attending FNO Presents… as a single male. You are welcome to attend, however there are a few things you need to know.

First, our events have a strict 5 to 1 couple to single male ratio. We also cap the total number of single men to five (5). Secondly, before you can attend you must be vetted by our all-female selection committee. In order to be considered you complete our application.

Once approved, you will be allowed to RSVP for our events. Invitations will be sent to all approved single gentlemen and admission is on a first come, first served basis. You will be given a limited time to make your donation. If you RSVP but can’t attend, we understand things happen. However, if you establish a pattern, we will drop you from the approved single male list. Sorry, but this is the fairest way.

Lastly, Because you will be exposed to a number of single ladies and couples, you may be asked to meet outside of FNO. Should this happen, CONGRATULATIONS! Just remember, your reputation and actions carryover to FNO as a VETTED single male. Reports of unsavory actions will be reported to Her Grace and you risk being removed from the list.

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