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Bluegrass Secrets Social (Louisville City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 1100 Zane Street, Louisville, KY, USA
Phone: 502 339-1406

Bluegrass Secrets SocialBluegrass Secrets Social

Bluegrass Secrets is a private – membership only social club. It is a place for Lifestyles couples to meet and socialize. The Club is completely private. WE DO NOT SELL ALCOHOL OR FOOD. WE ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP AT THE DOOR AS YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY. To understand more about memberships please visit our “Membership Info” section from the top menu.

Our club has plenty of tables and chairs for members to meet and socialize with other members. Security is provided inside and outside the club. Members & their guests must provide their own alcohol.

Bluegrass Secrets offers a sanctuary from the everyday pressures of life in a classy environment where your anonymity is guaranteed. Parties are held every Friday & Saturday night for members and invited guests. A guest is defined as a committed couple, consisting of one female and one male, committed to the development of a lasting and loving relationship. Single females and males are welcome on certain nights- only after they have been screened by a staff member.

All guests must follow the steps to the membership before an invitation and detailed driving directions are given to attend one of Bluegrass Secrets’ parties. Verification of being a couple, or single, before an invitation is extended is required. Upon arriving at Bluegrass Secrets your MEMBERSHIP WILL BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO BEING GIVEN A TOUR AND ORIENTATION OF THE FACILITIES. Couples wanting to stay and enjoy Bluegrass Secrets will be allowed at this point.

Visit the “Membership Info” section above for more information on becoming a member.

What can you expect to experience in Bluegrass Secrets Social Club?

After you and your partner have completed the phone interview you will be given directions to Bluegrass Secrets. When you arrive on Friday or Saturday night you will be greeted by the office staff and a tour of the facilities will be given. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions that you and your partner may have. The staff members at Bluegrass Secrets were once new and nervous, as you may be, don’t feel embarrassed to ask as many questions as you want. The staff is there to answer them. After the tour and your questions have been answered you will need to decide if you and your partner would like to become members and join the party that evening. There is some paperwork that will need to be completed. You can find out all about it and our confidentiality promise in the membership section.

Each couple is free to become as involved as they are comfortable with. It is a very low-pressure atmosphere and ideal for couples just beginning their adventures into this lifestyle.

Bluegrass Secrets is like any social function you might attend. We’ve all been to a party where we didn’t know most of the guests. If you choose to sit and watch that’s exactly what you will do all night. If others ask to sit with you remember that it does not constitute a commitment to anything else other than sharing your table.

Remember that everyone you see at the club was new there, like you. The sooner you speak to other couples, the sooner you will get to know people and the sooner they will get to know you. If you feel shy or awkward about just walking up to someone you’d like to meet, the staff is always happy to make introductions among couples at the parties. Again, the staff is easily identified by their name tags.

Everyone you meet values their own confidentiality as much as you do.

Swingers Etiquette in Bluegrass Secrets Social Club

Meeting Couples

There are many avenues for you to meet like-minded couples. Classified ads, online chat rooms, online bulletin boards, lifestyle magazines available at your local adult store, strip clubs that cater to lifestyles or host “Couples Nights”, lifestyle clubs, and others. There is no single possibility that you have to do. Pick one or more that you feel comfortable with and take it slow. And, you will probably have found the first thing you have in common with another couple! If you hate strip clubs and like online chat rooms, in a chat room you will most likely find couples who also do not like strip clubs.

If you are communicating with a couple either online or through a classified, it would be wise to take a few safety precautions:

Get a P.O. Box to receive mail rather than giving out your home address.

Keep first meetings short and in a public place. It can be real uncomfortable to plan a whole evening with a couple only to find that you do not get along.

Keep meetings on a “no strings attached” basis.

Talk on the phone first. Talk to both partners to ensure they are a couple and both seem to be interested in the lifestyle. You can learn a lot about a couple over the phone.

Create a separate online mailbox to receive and send email to new couples to ensure your privacy.

Bad Situations

Regardless of how long you have been in the lifestyle, bad situations do happen. And they happen to everyone. It won’t take long before you talk to someone who had an experience where one person started crying, or a person was being too rough and demanding.

There is no test to give people beforehand, and even experienced people sometimes feel jealous or lose their mood. The best thing to do is “Stop!”. It might not be easy at the time. In fact, it will probably be one of the hardest things you ever find yourself doing. But the next day, you will be happy that you took control of the situation and did what was right for you. It certainly will not be easy if you see your spouse having a great time while you are figuring out your grocery list in your head. You might even feel compelled to keep going, as you wouldn’t want to spoil everyone else’s fun.

But you need to be in control of you and not worry about anyone else. If you chose a true lifestyle couple, they will be understanding and supportive. Plus, your primary concern should be your partner, not the other couple’s feelings. If they don’t understand that, too bad. Then you will know that either they aren’t in the lifestyle for the right reasons or that they just aren’t the right couple for you.

It’s important to discuss this eventuality with your spouse before it even happens. Some couples have come to the agreement that if they find themselves in that situation, they will quietly excuse themselves and feel comfortable with their partner continuing. In reality, this type of agreement will probably change from one situation to another. If it is the other woman making your wife uncomfortable, then it’s doubtful she would appreciate you continuing. Remember, this is about your relationship and your partner. If they feel uncomfortable with ANY situation, you need to be supportive and available to them.

Tips to get out if you need to:

  • Be honest – tell the person you are with that you are feeling uncomfortable. The hardest choice, but by far the best.
  • Bathroom break – a great way to stop the heat of the moment and give you a chance to look in the mirror and remember that you come first.
  • Get a drink
  • Cigarette break
  • Step outside for fresh air
  • Anything that will give you back your control of the situation. This is supposed to feel good. If you are uncomfortable, then it’s not working.

Be open

An amazing amount of couples find it difficult to talk directly and honestly. When getting together with a new partner, it’s almost impossible to have a good experience without clear communication. It’s not insulting and very necessary. We can’t stress enough how important communication is. No one can know instinctively what his/her partner will enjoy or not enjoy. None of us are mind readers and, when not pointed in the right direction, end up stumbling around in the dark. You don’t have to have a long & drawn out discussion, but you should at least lay some ground rules.

Communication also helps everyone be at ease. There is nothing worse than 4 people sitting around a room waiting for someone to bring up the inevitable. But once, it is brought up, everyone feels relieved.

Never take anything for granted. Make sure you are all on the same page ahead of time. What is appropriate, enjoyable and OK may vary from occasion to occasion, even with the same couple. Just don’t assume.

Including singles

Depending on the club or group you are socializing with, the attitudes towards including single men and women into the fun can be quite diverse.

Many people feel that singles, especially single men, have no place in the lifestyle. Others feel that by including singles, it expands the boundaries.

Talk with your spouse about how you feel about including singles into your circle of friends.

Many couples do not like to include singles because of the lack of a long term relationship and feel that a single person could pose a threat to their relationship.

Others feel that including a single is just adding a new dimension since the single person is just being used as a “toy”.

Also, many people have commented on how singles perceive themselves when invited by a couple. Many single men feel that they are providing something to a relationship that to them is lacking. They sometimes consider themselves to be a third part of the relationship.


As a group, you will find people in the lifestyle to be very open and honest about their experiences. Most will even share from their personal experiences to help and show you support.

With that said, do not ask for specifics. The names of other couples they have been with are personal and should be confidential. You might be thinking, “But what about my safety. I want to know if a couple was with someone I think might not be whom we may want to party with.”

“But what if they are with a couple we had a bad experience with. We should let them know what jerks they are, right?”

Listen, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and many couples get themselves in a deep hole by putting themselves in the middle of two other couples. Remember what is important, you and your spouse. Nobody else.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t tell someone about a couple that put you in danger. But there is a fine line between helping and hurting a situation. If you choose to become involved, you must be prepared for any result.

The same is true in reverse. It is never a good idea to talk with other couples about who you have been with. Generalities are fine and can be quite enlightening in a conversation.

You’ll find that if you do not talk about other couples and refuse to listen to dirt about other couples, you can keep conversations and friendships fun and you can be fun to be around.

Rules of conduct

Every club and most individuals have a standard of conduct. The one universal rule is


Here is a basic list of rules, although it should not be considered complete, but a starter.

  1. NO means NO! Always!
  2. Safe fun is the only fun!
  3. This is about having fun, nothing more.
  4. The lifestyle can enhance a strong, honest, healthy relationship. It will not salvage a shaky marriage but destroy it.
  5. Your primary concern and the person you leave with is your primary partner.
  6. Build friendships. You don’t have to party with someone for them to be your friend. And having lifestyle friends can be a great support system.
  7. There is nothing less attractive than a drunk, or spaced-out couple.
  8. Take it slow. It’s not a race, but a journey.
  9. Go with the flow. If things don’t seem to be working out one evening, don’t force it. After all, if you don’t enjoy their company, do you really want to party with them anyway?
  10. Be honest. If you meet a couple and it doesn’t click, say something. We are all adults and can handle the truth. If they can’t, you are better off finding out early anyway.
  11. Be respectful. Pushy people are the biggest turnoff.
  12. Talk to your partner about every possible scenario. Sooner or later, you will find yourself in it. (Example – you are not having fun, while your spouse is having a great time. What would like the other to do – stop, leave the room and allow the others to continue, etc.).

Who You’ll Meet

“Who goes to lifestyle clubs, and what kind of people will we meet?” The answer is as diverse as our society. You will meet, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, housewives, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

With a community that diverse, you will most probably find people like yourself.

What’s important is finding people with similar attitudes. At first, you will most definitely find people more “advanced” than you. By that, we mean people that have been in the lifestyle awhile and have lost many of the inhibitions you might have. You will probably also find others that are at the same place as you. Even if you are not interested in a physical relationship with them, they still might be fun to be around and can be the beginning of a great support system for you.

You will also run into people you do not particularly care for. That’s OK. Just as in real life, you can’t expect to like everyone, and can’t expect everyone to like you. But you can still be nice and social. If they want more from you, politely tell them you are not interested. Most people will listen.

When you do run into those occasional pushy people, just be firm and tell them you are not interested. They will get the idea sooner or later. Be blunt, if need be. After all, we are all adults and can handle the truth.

Your first

Here you are, with the kids at the babysitters, enjoying a glass of wine with another couple. If it’s your first time, or theirs, everyone is probably nervous, not knowing what to do first. If you haven’t done so already, now would be a great time to talk about your limits, what you feel comfortable with, etc. Talking it out first might seem weird to whoever brings it up first, but you know it’s on everyone’s mind. More than likely, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief that it’s out on the table.

Many couples, including us, find it easier to start with our own partners. Don’t be afraid to keep a dialogue going with the other couple. If you can keep talking, joking and laughing, you will keep everyone at ease and bring something new and exciting to your experience.

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