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Xtasia (West Bromwich) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 140 High St, West Bromwich B70 6JJ, UK
Phone: 07850 236 053
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.xtasia.co.uk/
Twitter: @XtasiaWestBrom


Established in the 1980‚Äôs, Xtasia is the UK‚Äôs longest established swingers club and has recently been voted the number 1 Swingers Club in the UK by it’s peers, and is extremely proud of the accolade. It now covers Swinging and Fetish events on a weekly basis, within two adjoining venues. Please note, you don’t have to partake in anything, just come in and enjoy with a liberated open mind.

The Xtasia complex, now encompasses the Xtasia Nightclub and Flirts Bar for both swingers and fetish events. Please view the correct diary for a list of current events, opening times and costs for the events of interest. Home to superb events, such as DPraved, Cirque de Chaos, Foam Parties and FFFF. Memberships are available and can be applied for on website

Our new Hotel Rooms are now available, check them out on website and we also have a new cinema room open throughout the week during the day and evenings.

Social Zone

Giving all members the chance and space to meet, and socialise with each other is key to a successful trip to Xtasia. We now own Flirts Bar, at the front of our complex (used to be known as the Fox and Dogs), where guests can have a quiet drink, game of pool, relax and chat with others. Inside Xtasia we have created a lounge where communication with each other is the number one aim.

Quieter background music, comfortable seating, friendly and informative staffing ensures friends are found quickly and easily. Later on in the evenings the the area transforms into an open play arena for the more exhibitionist members to utilise. It also contains our new Couples Only room, 180 sq ft of 3 tiered bed for those looking for strictly couple to couple fun.

Dance Zone

The dance zone has been the core of Xtasia for many years. Playing all the latest club classics, along with a mix of essential 80’s, 90’s hits the sound team try hard to make sure everyone is catered for. Mirrors, platforms, cages and poles provides for a fun filled session on the dance floor. Known worldwide for its “Erection Section” a series of curtains descend from the ceiling and provides a darkened playzone during the evening, providing an ideal opportunity for newcomers to experience their first gropes in the dark, before the curtain is raised again and the energetic music re-commences. The fully licensed bar provides a great range of beers, wines, spirits and snacks. There is also an adjoining, heated smoking area for those who need it.

Wet Zone

The wet zone has a hot tub jacuzzi, holding around 8 comfortably. A series of showers and toilets plus lockers, and towels are provided within the entry fee. Please note, we operate the wet area on the basis of using it with a towel around you, but you then get dressed again to come back up to the nightclub area on Friday and Saturday evenings. We also have a wet play area designed as a cinema for your enjoyment.

Dogging Zone

In the loft area we have created a new feature room for the swinging scene. Our Dogging Wood brings together the art of searching out couples, hiding from view, joining in when requested and the random-ness of not knowing when others will be there.

Play Zone

Our play zone is all about the intimate contact many members are here for. 9 distinct play rooms, plus a large dungeon area, as well as grope boxes, provide all kinds of experiences for the adventurous. Each room has a different sexual adventure going on within it, all it needs is you, the players, to make it happen. Enter and enjoy, be it with your own partner, new friends or old playmates, it makes no difference to us as long as you’re having fun.

Dungeon Zone

Xtasia presents its dungeon zone, an area for those who enjoy bondage, rope play, whips, and chains. We have lots of equipment, some will be out for use, and includes a dungeon bed, with an examination chair attached, a St Andrews Cross, a double St Andrews Cross, Stocks, a Kneeling Stool, Pony Rig, Inversion Bed, and a Pommel Horse all with fixtures and fittings to allow most bodies to be tied into most positions. On swingers nights, we tend to leave you alone to have your own fun. You are welcome to bring along your own toys and whips.

We also now have Purgatory, a separate and extensive dungeon behind Flirts bar. This contains a massive scaffold framework with associated areas for play. This will accommodate many Fetish events throughout the year, is available for private hire, and is open for fun play whenever Flirts is open.

Private Hire

The Xtasia Dungeon is also available for private hire at other times during the week. If you wish to utilise it for 2 or more people, please contact us to discuss rates and times.


Above Flirts, we now have 7 bedrooms available, offering a range of accommodation at a good standard. These are purely bookable bedrooms, they are not being used as playrooms earlier in the evening.

All bedrooms are en-suite, (except those indicated below), with large showers, hand basin and toilet. King size, memory foam or spring mattress beds, bedside cabinets with individual bedside lights and mirrors, tea and coffee making facilities, clothes hanging rails, plus a piece of Fetish furniture in every room.

They are available for booking by calling Xtasia on 07850 236 053 and paying in full, on card. (Please note we are not offering a refund or transfer option, but should the need arise we will try to find someone else to take your room if unable to attend). If all doubles are booked, we will offer the triples at the double rate should they be needed. All bookings on a first come, first served basis.

Full English, or continental breakfast is available, £7 per person extra, payable on arrival, and will be served in Flirts bar between 10.30 and 11.30am.

Room choices and Prices as follows:


Second Floor

Room 1¬†is our new Party Pad room. 4 individual king size double beds. Access to lockers for safe storage of possessions and a large municipal bathroom with walk in shower, hand basin, toilet and douche. ¬£20 per bed to stay over, doesn’t matter if a couple or single. Ideal for groups of friends, or those who just don’t mind sharing. Or you can book entire room as your own for ¬£80, and have it all to yourself, or share with others on the night. Please note, this room occupancy normally reflects the event that evening, so for example Saturday nights the room will only contain Couples, etc.

Room 2¬†is a triple room, with a king size double, plus a single bed. Ideal for 3-somes. En-suite. ¬£45 Sunday to Thursday, ¬£75 on a Friday night, ¬£90 on a Saturday night. ¬£150 per 2 night weekend. If all doubles are already booked, we will happily accommodate you in this room as a couple, at the same rate as a double, as long as the single bed isn’t used at all.

Room 3¬†is a triple room, en-suite with a king size double bed, and a single bed. ¬£45 Sunday to Thursday, ¬£70 on a Friday night, ¬£90 on a Saturday night. ¬£150 per 2 night weekend. If all doubles are already booked, we will happily accommodate you in this room as a couple, at the same rate as a double, as long as the single bed isn’t used at all.

Room 4 is a double room, en-suite with a king size double bed. £35 Sunday to Thursday, £50 on a Friday night, £60 on a Saturday night. £100 per 2 night weekend.

First Floor

Room 5¬†sleeps four, 2 couples, but doesn’t have its own bathroom. 2 king size beds, with sofas, and a St Andrews Cross, this is a great room to share with friends. Access to the shared bathroom which is just outside the room. ¬£50 Sunday to Thursday, ¬£80 on a Friday, and ¬£90 on a Saturday night. ¬£150 per 2 night weekend.

Room 6¬†is a triple room, with a king size double, plus a single bed. Ideal for 3-somes. En-suite. ¬£45 Sunday to Thursday, ¬£75 on a Friday night, ¬£90 on a Saturday night. ¬£150 per 2 night weekend. If all doubles are already booked, we will happily accommodate you in this room as a couple, at the same rate as a double, as long as the single bed isn’t used at all.

Room 7 is now being used as our on site staff room. Any issues during your stay, please contact staff here.

Room 8 is a double room, en-suite with a king size double bed. £35 Sunday to Thursday, £50 on a Friday night, £60 on a Saturday night. £100 per 2 night weekend. <

All rooms are also available during the day, by agreement with Xtasia if available. New Years Eve rate as per a Saturday night.

These rooms will be used by fellow swingers or kinksters who have attended events that night in the club. The rooms are not to be used by anyone just touring in from the club, they must be booked, and we will be enforcing checks on occupancy. Sorry, no room booking, no staying over.

Check in from 4pm on arrival date, and check out by midday please. All rooms are strictly no-smoking and we have a zero-tolerance to any illegal drugs. Anyone caught bringing in non-booked guests, or smoking / taking drugs in the rooms will be banned from booking with us again.

Flirts Bar and Cinema

At the front of the Xtasia club is a pub. This is Flirts Bar and is open to all Members. A specific day membership called Flirts and Cinema Only is available for those seeking day time fun and a safe and intimate meeting place during the evenings.

The front bar is known as “Flirt’s”, for two pretty obvious reasons. The boss lady, and our main purpose in life! Behind Flirts lies our new Cinema, a 35 seater room with lovely comfortable seating, showing adult films. A large play-bed plus smaller beds around the edges compliments the room We also have our new cellar area called “Hell” as well as a sun deck area upstairs, I guess we call that “Heaven”. These areas are available to all members when the club is open, and for private hire when closed.

Everything from the metal gates and fencing at the front of the property is now considered to be part of Xtasia, and is covered by our licence. This means, the second you pass through into the complex, then you are on swingers/fetish territory. You can relax and start to enjoy the experience. Flirt’s bar is just part of this, a place where you can come along, relax and chat to others, mingle and make friends, without any pressure at all to take things further. Its the pre-club bar for swingers, and the main venue for our new cinema experience during the week.

Flirt’s serves most of the drinks available in the main club, at the same low prices. Alcohol, soft drinks, tea’s and coffee’s, plus snacks are all available. We have a log fire for the colder nights, and a lovely pool table. The shelves are full of erotic novels and books on the scene, plus a collection of pub games is slowly building up.

The garden area between the two buildings will also be made available for soaking up the summer sun. A sun terrace is open during the summer months for all members to use, with safe naked sunbathing allowed.

Flirt’s is open:

  • Friday and Saturdays from 2pm to 7.30pm.
  • Sundays 2pm to 8pm
  • Monday to Thursdays 2pm to midnight

Please note, you must be a member of the club, be accepted as a member of the club, or be attending a club event to come into the complex. We are not open to the public. If attending for the first time you must have legal ID with you, proving your name, age and address.

Sun Deck

Beside Flirts, we now have a wonderful sun deck for making the most of the British summer. We welcome all Members, for naked sun bathing, etc.

We have 3 couples beds up there, sun loungers, picnic tables, and a cold water feature to cool down under, (its a hose and sprinkler at the moment, but still lovely). You are free to smoke in the area, and we are providing a drink service for light refreshments.

The area is open to members only, and accessed by entering through the club gate as usual, going to the rear of Flirts where you’ll find a fire escape staircase. Head up this and follow the steps around to the left and up onto the deck. If you require drinks, please contact a member of staff.

The deck is free to use as long as a bona fide member, and is open from 11am to 6pm daily.

Dress code

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays

Relaxed, casual, but clean and tidy please.

  • Swingers Nightclub: Friday & Saturday Evening

Guys: Please, make an effort. The ladies dress to impress you, please try to reciprocate. Dirty, scruffy, smelly will be turned away at the door, sexy, clean, smart, presentable will be welcomed in. Dress to impress the ladies. Entry may be refused.

Ladies: As erotic and flirtatious as you dare and are comfortable with. Changing areas have been provided, so bring along a choice of outfits if you wish.

  • Fetish Events:

Dominant black, leather, pvc, goth, master/slave, cross dressing etc. are all welcome. Equally birthday suits are allowed.


To join, please complete the relevant Application form, and await a response from the club.

Couples and Single Females are always welcome at Xtasia if Over 18, and smartly presented. You must have appropriate ID, such as a plastic driving licence or a passport and utility bill.

Single Males must have approval back from us before attending any event. If you turn up without approval, you will be turned away.

Please note Fetish Membership is only valid for Fetish Events. Swingers Membership is for swinging events. If you require both, please ask for a swing membership

If day time access is required to the Cinema and Flirts Bar, you may now apply for a day time Membership for this area only. Couples and Ladies please complete at the door when you attend, single men must apply in advance please using the Flirts and Cinema Membership option below. Access to the main club is restricted though.

We now offer a Pole Lesson Membership for those seeking to learn the skills required for pole dancing. This does not allow access to any other activity at the club.

  • ¬£20.00¬†Swing Couple Lifetime
  • ¬£10.00¬†Swing Female Lifetime
  • ¬£30.00¬†Swing Male per annum
  • ¬£10.00¬†Individual Fetish Membership
  • ¬£10.00 Yearly FLIRTS AND CINEMA ONLY
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Radlett Adult Parties
  • United Kingdom (UK) > Radlett
  • Radlett is the UK’s best established and popular swinging house party venue. Perfect for newbies and experienced swingers alike. Couples Couples are welcome to attend the entirety of the party weekend. Singles will also be present on the Friday but will have left by the Saturday evening when the party becomes closed to single guys . The party is based on the fourth Saturday of every month but the exact schedule is in the ‚Äė dates ‚Äô page of this site . Couples do not need to book ahead. We take pride in feeding you, and often supply a whole roast pig ‚Äď or similar. Independent reviews on Fab Swingers etc. will underline that parties here are full . Some‚Ķ
  • United Kingdom (UK) > London
  • Club Raquels is and has always been the talk of town. We are a swingers club for the open minded people. The amenities include two jacuzzi, steam rooms and sauna. Come and experience a new erotic experience and explore the lifestyle further!
  • United Kingdom (UK) > Exeter & Plymouth
  • Welcome to ‘SECRETS’, the south wests premier couples only party venue with parties now being held on the third Saturday of each calendar month. Ideally located halfway between Exeter and Plymouth we are easily accessible from all of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.¬† To attend you don’t need to join a club, pay a membership or provide intimate details. Simply select the party you’d like to come to and reserve your ticket by telephone or email, payment only being required on the night. For those of you new to us, ‘SECRETS’ parties are held in our large country home.¬† It’s a fabulous, discreet, secluded location with ample secure parking in the house grounds. We do not allow single male’s so couples‚Ķ
  • United Kingdom (UK) > Bolton
  • Make your life more fun at Club Selecta, the only swingers club where you can enjoy a selection of the sexiest and most attractive swingers from all over the UK. Come drink, dance, chat and make new friends for long term relations or for no string attached fun. The choice is yours to make!
  • United Kingdom (UK) > Southeast
  • We are the official ministry of sin. Our non pushy atmosphere is specially designed for experienced swingers as well as newbies. Come express your sexuality freely with other mature adults and re-discover yourself. We have all the amenities and service you need. Contact us for more details.
The Adult Party Place
  • United Kingdom (UK) > Tonbridge High Wycombe
  • Looking forward to establishing contact with fellow swingers who are genuine? Adult Party Place organizes many winger parties where you can meet other swingers and spice up your lifestyle. All are very welcome. Contact us for more information at anytime.
The Attic
  • United Kingdom (UK) > Derby
  • A secret swingers club in Derby has been attracting hundreds of people from across the Midlands, and yes its the ATTIC! It is a Friendly, massive place over over 3000sq ft! with down to earth people. Promoting a Great atmosphere with very welcoming hosts and owner. Single ladies will feel secure. The Club has more than meets the eye from the outside, Once inside, the deceptively large 43-room club has a room for every fantasy – including an ultra-realistic ‘dogging’ area complete with a Fiat hatchback! As you step inside, first-timers are offered a tour by a member of staff on reception. Visitors are advised to bring their own alcohol as the club only sells soft drinks behind the bar.‚Ķ
The Cockatoo
  • United Kingdom (UK) > Southeast
  • Are you a discerning individual or couple that wants to indulge in erotic adventurous activities? Cockatoo is a club that has an erotically ignited atmosphere and is always full of attractive adults like yourself. Come and attend our exciting events and dance to the music as you make new friends on ordinary nights!
The Couples
  • United Kingdom (UK) > London
  • The couples night is a long running club that is strictly for couples only. Over the years we have gained popularity thanks to our lovely service and upscale facilities making us the choice of many lifestyle couples from all corners of the country. Our club is always full of adventurous couples ready to share fun moments with you!
The No3
  • United Kingdom (UK) > Lancashire
  • The No3 Club¬†is located in Chorley Lancashire, the heart of the North West. We welcome Swingers old and new to our luxurious new swingers club which we have put together with style, comfort and fun in mind. Relax in the friendliest swingers club with sexy open and like minded people. Enjoy our luxurious surroundings and unbeatable atmosphere, meet new friends and enjoy modern swinging in a modern swingers club with people of all ages, shapes and sizes! Party Party Party¬†‚Äď The No3 Club is famous for our regular parties‚Ķ.If you would like to hold a party at the No3 club then please get in touch as we are more than happy to make it a party for you to remember‚Ķ.whatever‚Ķ
  • Europe > United Kingdom (UK)
  • A best place to start and continue your insanely active and at the same time safe sexual life. It‚Äôs a way better to start it online and prepare for meetings in real life than do it at the bar or at the night club. Even sex/swingers clubs can be a great discouragement if you visit them without preparation. BTW most swingers clubs and local sex groups have their pages at the place we talk about.
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