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Voodoo Leatherworks (Colorado Springs City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 2422 Busch Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, USA
Website: http://www.voodooleatherworks.com/index.php
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/86019

Voodoo LeatherworksVoodoo LeatherworksVoodoo LeatherworksVoodoo LeatherworksVoodoo Leatherworks

Voodoo Leatherworks is a counter-culture community center that operates as a private social club in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

So what kinds of things do we do to support the Community?

Dungeon Parties @ Voodoo Leatherworks

We are an all-inclusive dungeon and host dungeon parties for the BDSM Community every Saturday night at 7 pm.  We have a clean, safe and well-monitored space with over 15 different play stations, a social/safe space, a commercial kitchen area, plenty of parking and an easily accessible, yet discreet location.  You must be 18 or older to become a member of our Dungeon parties.  All parties are a potluck, although we do provide some complimentary light snacks and water.

Voodoo Swingers Parties

We also host parties for the Voodoo Swingers Community on Friday nights at 7 pm.  These parties are also all-inclusive, but we do place limitations on how many single men may attend parties at any given time.  That limitation is based on how many couples and single women are currently inside the party.  This event is BYOB and so you must be 21 or older to become a member of our Vodoo Swingers parties.  All parties are a potluck, although we do provide some complimentary light snacks and water.  This is a new program, so please stay tuned for more details.

Kinky gear

Voodoo Leatherworks provide a retail storefront for you to purchase well-made, locally-made gear.  All of our gear is made right here in Colorado by members of the local Community.  Voodoo only retains 10% from any sale – ensuring that local craftsmen and artists are retaining the maximum profits for their efforts.  Some of the local manufacturers we carry include:

  • Fiach Dubh Leatherworks (Floggers)
  • Bear Things (Misc Leather Gear)
  • Sensual Paddles (Paddles)
  • RavenTiger Whips (Single Tails)
  • Sventlana’s Floggers (Floggers)
  • Impact Designs (Canes, Paddles, Cane Cases)
  • Medieval Chainmail (Chainmail)
  • Poly’s Pleasures (Chainmail)
  • IronLust Forge (Iron Work)
  • Voodoo Leatherworks (Dungeon Furniture, Misc Leather Gear)

Art Studio @ Voodoo Leatherworks

Our space is available to artists of all kinds who want to create art that contributes to the Fetish, Goth, Horror, Steampunk and/or GLBT culture.  We allow artists to explore the edgier side of their craft without judgment – something few other art studios do.  We have hourly and monthly rates for studio space.

Art Gallery

We have been collecting an amazing assortment of locally-made artwork in a wide variety of artistic mediums.  Like our retail store, only 10% of each sale goes to Voodoo.  90% is retained by the contributing artist!!  We do this to ensure that artists can stay*artists and contributing to our culture.  Some of our local artists’ collections include:

  • Broken Glass Photography
  • Ethereal Inspirations
  • ZebraLight Productions

Educational Space @ Voodoo Leatherworks

We make Voodoo Leatherworks available to local organizations for meetings, discussions, and workshops at no charge.  We believe education should be free and we will continue to be as supportive of local organizations around the state.  Some of our regularly-occurring, open-to-the-public, all-inclusive, FREE events include:

  • Dominants Discussion Group (2nd Monday of every month at 6:30p)
  • submissives Discussion Group (3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30p)
  • “Let’s Talk BDSM” Munch (3rd Wednesday of every month at 6p)
  • Top Workshop (4th Monday of every month at 6:30p)
  • 4th Saturday Class and Discussion (Official time and the start date is TBD)

If you have a class, workshop or another educational meeting that you would like to host here, please let us know and we will happily get you on the calendar.

Private Rentals

Do you need furniture for your next party?  Do you want to reserve space for some private playtime?  Do you want to host your own, private party?  Contact us and we’ll be happy to support your needs!

Organizational Support

Voodoo offers discounts on membership and discounts on parties for the following organizations:

  • The celebration of Power (CoP)
  • Denver Sanctuary
  • Masters and slaves Together (MAsT)
  • Denver Boys of Leather
  • Denver Girls of Leather
  • Colorado TNG
  • National Leather Association – Colorado (NLA-CO)
  • Women in Control of Kink and Domination (WICK’D)
  • League of Extraordinary Ladies

We encourage members of the Colorado BDSM Community to get out and get involved with these great organizations!  To help encourage participation in these groups, Voodoo offers regular discounts, plus inexpensively-priced organizational rates for groups that want to host their monthly or quarterly parties in our huge play space.  Send us an email if your organization would like to receive discounts and/or host parties.

Art Events

We host a regular art night, currently called “No Pants Thursday”.  (The day of the week may change soon, so stay tuned.)

This event is an opportunity for artists to sketch, paint, sculpt or photograph various models of various genders, body types, sexual orientations and gender identities in a safe and professional environment.  If we like your work, we’ll even offer to display and hopefully sell your work in our gallery!

Vanilla Events

Our space is available for vanilla events as well.  Contact us for any of the following:

  • Civil Unions
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Gallery Showings
  • Club gatherings

We have the ability to completely “Vanilla-fy” our space in a short amount of time, so feel free to host vanilla-friendly and/or kid-friendly events in our space.

How do I join to Voodoo Leatherworks?

Just come out to an orientation!  We host orientations every single week at 6 pm – right before any scheduled play party.  This orientation covers the waiver of liability, club rules, and some basic BDSM etiquette.

How much is Voodoo Leatherworks membership?

Dungeon Membership

  • $25 per year if you are not affiliated*with Colorado BDSM organizations.
  • $15 if you are affiliated*with Colorado BDSM organizations

Dungeon Parties

  • $15 if not affiliated
  • $10 if affiliated

Swingers Club Membership

  • $25 Annual Membership for couples
  • $15 Annual Membership for singles

Swingers Parties

  • $40 per couple
  • $50 per single male
  • $5 per single female

No Pants Nights

  • $5 (Voodoo Member)
  • $10 (Non-member)

We are very pleased to finally present a fully stocked, staffed and professionally-monitored play space to Colorado Springs and we are thankful for the support we have received so far.  This is something the Southern Colorado Community has asked for over the years and now, we finally have our own Dungeon!!

For us to continue supporting the Colorado Community, we do need your support.

Come out to a single party, an art event or host your own private shindig in our amazing space!  If every Voodoo member came out to only one event*per month, we would be able to continue providing support to this great community indefinitely.

Again, thank you all for your support and we look forward to continuing to work hard to meet the needs of our members and the surrounding Communities we serve.

What to Expect at a Dungeon Party at Voodoo Leatherworks

  • Show Up On-Time to Orientation: Orientation introduces basic party etiquette and club rules.
  • Expect the Unexpected: Members who are participating in scenes will be engaging in a host of different activities that can be tantalizing, shocking, or both. Activities may include flogging, spanking, rope suspension, cutting with scalpels, punching, kicking, and trampling. Dungeon parties embody the fun and uncensored world of kink.
  • Tasting Booths: Dungeon parties occurring on the 1st Saturday of each month feature dedicated tasting booths that allow members to try specific types of play. Toy bag tours are also available so members can familiarize themselves with the toys and implements used in BDSM activities.
  • Consent: Participation in activities at Voodoo is always consensual, never required nor expected. Many members come to dungeon parties to socialize and watch, not necessarily to play. Utilize the Long Negotiation Form and the Short Negotiation Form as desired.

What to Expect at a Swingers Party at Voodoo Leatherworks

  • Show Up On-Time to Orientation: Orientation introduces basic party etiquette and club rules. Swingers parties are BYOB; a bartender is on duty, and basic mixers and sodas are available. Members must be 21+ to attend a swingers party.
  • Fun and Games: Swingers parties feature games such as Cards Against Humanity and “Naughty” Jenga, music for dancing, and plenty of comfy furniture for socializing. Semi-private areas are available for more intimate play; a swing in the middle of the room allows for more public activities.
  • Consent: Participation in activities at Voodoo is always consensual, never required nor expected. Many members come to dungeon parties to socialize and watch, not necessarily to play.
  • No BDSM Play: While Voodoo primarily identified as a BDSM club, such activities are prohibited at swingers parties.

General Etiquette at Voodoo Leatherworks

  • Always be Courteous: Members will be performing activities that may be uncomfortable to watch or be around. Voodoo’s outlook on this is: “Your kink isnÂ’t my kink, but your kink is ok.” Express any concerns about an activity to a Dungeon Monitor (DM). If an activity is particularly offensive, feel free to enter the social area until the activity has ended.
  • Ask for Pronouns: Members may not identify with the pronouns you assume they use. Always ask for others’ pronouns when first meeting them, and always offer your pronouns when introducing yourself.
  • DonÂ’t Touch: Always ask before hugging someone, even if you know them. Ask before touching or picking up someone’s toy or property (which may include other people).
  • Respect: Respect everyone’s identities and lifestyles.
  • Maintain Discretion: Members may be secretive about their participation at Voodoo for various reasons. Never try to pry information from another member, and do not mention another member’s presence or activities outside of the club, even to other members. If a member is encountered outside of the club, ignore them and keep walking unless an understanding exists between both parties.
  • Watch from a Distance: Some members get distracted when someone is standing too close to them, while others just have a wicked backswing. Always watch from a distance and never get into someone elseÂ’s personal space.
  • Talk Elsewhere: Hold all conversations in the social area. Talking in the dungeon should be limited to museum-quiet comments, not questions or sustained conversation.
  • No Phones: Phones are not allowed to be used in the dungeon.
  • No Photos: Photos are not allowed in the dungeon unless approved and observed by the Manager On Duty.
  • Apologize for Mistakes: A simple apology goes a long way towards earning respect.
  • Comply with DM Requests: The DMs are there for the safety of everyone in the dungeon, players and bystanders alike.
  • Know the Rules: Dungeon rules are there for everyoneÂ’s safety both in and outside the playspace.
  • Follow Gut Instinct: If something or someone doesnÂ’t feel right, walk away. You don’t have to play with someone or participate in an activity that you don’t want to. If a proposition feels especially alarming, talk to a DM or the Manager On Duty.
  • Clean Equipment: Properly clean equipment using Envirocide when finished using it for the safety and enjoyment of the next user.
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