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The Lux Experience (Crete) Sex & Swingers Club

Phone: 219-561-3164
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.thelux.net/

The Lux ExperienceThe Lux ExperienceThe Lux ExperienceThe Lux ExperienceThe Lux ExperienceThe Lux ExperienceThe Lux ExperienceThe Lux ExperienceThe Lux ExperienceThe Lux Experience

The Lux Gathering is a premier meeting of friends in the lifestyle. We are, without question, the best lifestyle gathering in Chicago. Our friends enjoy the best of the best when it comes to lifestyle experiences. We gather with those who want to have an incredible evening partying, socializing, and having fun – there is never a bad party when we gather!

​Becoming a Member: To become a member of the social group you must attend a party. If you are selected, all members are required to sign a membership agreement (basically saying you won’t behave badly to yourself and others). Membership is free. To attend a party, simply RSVP.

​We lean more toward couples, however, single males/females are welcome with certifications and/or experience in other gatherings. ​

Hang Back or Interact:

You can do what works for you! We are unique in that we actively encourage folks to meet and greet one another. We have games and ways to get folks to simply say hello. You may arrive as a stranger, but you will leave as a friend. If you are not about meeting others, this is probably not the right place for you!

Email: theluxreservations.com

Text: Ronnie 219-561-3164

Note: This is not a business in any way, and under no circumstances should be viewed as one, but a gathering of like-minded adults who enjoy the lifestyle.


  • BYOB

  • Join friends with a positive attitude, openness and willingness to have fun!

  • Be respectful to all

  • Be courteous to all

  • Ask before touching

  • Help to keep all public areas clean (clean up after yourself)

  • What happens at the Lux, stays at the Lux

  • Good personal hygiene

  • Do not disturb the swinging enjoyment of others – This will be very mood-destroying and annoying!


Breaking these rules will get you removed and your membership revoked!
  • Must be over 21

  • Over intoxication causing unruly and disrespectful behavior

  • Non-erotic conversations in pleasure areas

  • Not respecting “No means No” or touching before asking

  • Cameras and cell phones in pleasure areas

  • Arguing with staff and security

  • Being a douche bag!

  • Making fun of others

  • Violating dress code

Dress Code Strictly Enforced:

No athletic wear of any kind

No tee shirts or tennis shoes

No hoodies

No baseball caps

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