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The Body Shop (Pittsburgh City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: 412-690-0699
Website: https://bodyshopclubs.com/sessions/new
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/clubbodyshop
Instagram: @clubbodyshop
Twitter: @clubbodyshop
Snapchat: @clubbodyshop
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/bodyshopclubs

The Body ShopThe Body ShopThe Body ShopThe Body ShopThe Body ShopThe Body ShopThe Body ShopThe Body ShopThe Body Shop

The Pittsburgh location is located just 10 minutes north of Downtown Pittsburgh, therefore, there are numerous hotels close enough to us to capitalize on using Uber! When searching for a hotel we recommend searching the North Shore area.
What can I expect when I come to a lifestyle club?
There’s a great article about preparing to go to any lifestyle event. You can read it HERE If you’d rather watch a video, click HERE
Do I have to become a member? 
Absolutely! The Body Shop is a private members-only club and is not open to the public at large. Only members in good standing will be allowed into our events. Membership allows the club’s management to ensure that only real, open-minded couples and singles attend club events, and to deny access to those who aren’t.

How long does it take to get approved? Can I just show up? 
We are a private, members-only club, therefore, walk-ins are not permitted. An application to join must be submitted and approved before you can attend. If you fill everything out correctly and provided the required pictures and information, it can take up to 24 hours to be reviewed. Depending on when your application is submitted, it can take a very short period of time to be reviewed. Be sure to apply ASAP before the event you want to attend.

Do you have any pictures of the club?
Yes, of course. Here are some pictures of the interior of the club: PICS
How many people will be at the club tonight?
This is is one of the more difficult questions to answer because the real answer is, “I don’t know”. There are many factors that affect turn out and one night may be completely different than another. I can tell you that on Fridays we typically have 30-60 people and Saturdays average 75-125 people. Our bigger events see 150-200+ people. Your best bet is to pick a theme night that seems like it will be fun for YOU and attend that event. I can virtually guarantee you’ll have a blast!
Do you sell or provide alcohol?
We are not licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, however, you are welcome to bring your own to the club. We do provide a safe place to keep your beverages and our wait staff will make sure you are serviced professionally. We also provide, free of charge: cups, ice, Coke, Diet Coke,  Sprite, Ginger Ale, cranberry, orange and pineapple juice, tonic and soda water, sour mix and Re-Fuel energy drink!
Do you sell or provide food?
We are not licensed to sell food, however we do provide free of charge appetizers dinner and desserts at some events!
When are your events?
We are typically open on Friday and Saturday Nights. Please be sure to visit our events page to verify which nights we are open.
What is your dress code?
All Body Shop events require sexy/club chic attire to enter. The follow is NOT sexy club attire: baggy shirts, pants or shorts* (men), baseball type caps of any kind, beanies, bandanas, sleeveless shirts (men), tank tops (men), plain white T-shirts, T-shirts with obscene writing/graphics or that advertise your favorite beer or NASCAR driver, flip-flops, sports apparel of any kind (including athletic shoes), work boots (unless you are a stripper/dancer or dominatrix), or anything else that club management deems inappropriate. Come dressed to impress sexy, sophisticated adults. *Dress shorts are permitted during warmer months.
Are there any age restrictions for membership?
Yes, we kindly ask that all members and guests be at least 21 years old to attend ANY of our parties.
We’re NOT “Ken and Barbie” types, will we fit in at The Body Shop?
Absolutely! The Body Shop is frequented by all types of people. Hot and sexy is a matter of how you FEEL, not how you look. We invite ALL people who feel hot and sexy to come to The Body Shop and have fun!
What type of people attend the club?
Our current member base is very diverse. The mean age range is 25-55, however we do have members who are older and younger than that. Our members consist of people from all races, sizes and all demographics. The one thing they do have in common is that they all come to The Body Shop to have an amazing time!
We are completely new, can we attend and do we have to participate?
Of course you can. The Body Shop, it is a place for open-minded adults to come and enjoy each other in a sexually charged environment. You are welcome no matter what your interests are. We have many couples who attend simply to enjoy the atmosphere we offer, nothing more. You will never be pressured into participating in “ice breaker games”, contests or new member “initiations” simply because we don’t do them. We want everyone to have fun and feel comfortable at the club. If at any time your feel pressured or uncomfortable, let us know immediately and we will do our best to remedy the situation.

Membership is available to all straight, gay, lesbian, bi, transgender and queer and have a desire to explore and express their sexuality in a clean, safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. All attendees are required to purchase a membership to attend Body Shop events.

You must be 21+ to attend.
An application and approval are required prior to arriving at the club. Current and past members may register at the door or log in to your online profile to RSVP and purchase tickets. Proper Dress and ID’s for are required for everyone to enter.

Membership Fees (must be a member to attend, no exceptions)

Trial Membership (One Week) $10 per person
Regular Membership (Three Months) $20 per person or $40 per person for one year.If you have a current membership and profile at one of the following clubs, you will not be required to purchase another membership at The Body Shop to attend.

  • Angel Entertainment
    Bronze Parties
    Carolina Friends
    Club Eros (Cleveland)
    Club Rendezvous (Calgary)
    Friction Parties
    IOS Connections
    Miami Velvet
    Club Sinday
    Syracuse Social Club
    Texas Players
    X PartysIMPORTANT, PLEASE READ before arriving at the club.
    In order to use your home club membership at The Body Shop, you will need to apply online and be approved before you can attend. Once approved, you should arrive with a government-issued picture ID and digital membership card displayed on your phone from your home club. We will then update your Body Shop membership for FREE with your ticket purchase!For a better explanation about using your home club membership, you can watch this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Y9JY7BjJ0is

How do I become a member?

Follow this link in order to begin the process of becoming a member. APPLY NOW

Can I just walk in and become a member or can a current member just bring a new person?

Anyone who wishes to become a member must apply online before attending, there are no exceptions to this requirement. Approval from management must be obtained BEFORE any new guests arrive for an event. Follow this link in order to begin the process of becoming a member. APPLY NOW

I/we are concerned about our privacy, why do we need to provide our real names and face pics?

We are just as concerned about your privacy as you are which is why we require this information. How safe and private would the club be in we allowed you or anyone else to provide fake information about themselves? The fact that is required of EVERY MEMBER should reassure you that you will be in the safest environment possible.

Only authorized staff members can view your real names, email addresses, phone numbers, and member card face pic. Be sure to follow all the instructions on the application page to avoid mistakes and/or having your application declined. APPLY NOW

How do I get a membership card and how do I know if my membership is expired??

Your membership “card” is now electronically displayed with your online profile. Click “Member Card” to see your membership card and current status.

Do I still have to make reservations once I have a membership?

Yes and no. Reservations for most events are not required. We appreciate your reserving so we can plan for staff, food, etc. New Year’s Eve and Halloween DO require that you purchase tickets in advance as these parties sell out every time!

Do I need to bring my picture ID every time I come?

Yes, it makes check-in so much faster and easier with it. Be sure to bring your membership card as well.

I normally come with my spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend but I want to come by myself one night, can I do that or vice versa?

We’d love to have both of you back at the club and do discourage individual members of a couple attending alone. We typically make exceptions for the female half of couples. However, if there is a permanent change in your membership status i.e. Single membership changes to a couple membership and vice versa, we ask that you go through the new guest registration process. It makes things much easier that way. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

I have a membership but I am no longer with the person I initially registered with and want to bring someone else instead, what do I do?

We fully understand that sometimes things don’t work out between couples. We are glad you found a new person to share The Body Shop with. To be fair to all our members, we ask that you register as a new couple and we will issue a new membership with both of your names. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

I/We are members already, can we bring a guest with us to the club?
We absolutely appreciate you wanting to bring in new members. There is a legal requirement that all new guests must become members to attend, therefore they must register online before showing up. If you are recommending someone for a membership, send us a message with their information so their application can be expedited.

I’m from out of town or I am new to this, do I have to become a member?

Yes, as stated above, membership is required to attend any Body Shop events. We offer a short term, non-recurring membership for those who can only attend a limited number of times.

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