Sweets Entertainment Swingers Club & Sex Club

Address: Denver, Colorado, USA
Website: https://www.sweetsentertainment.com/

Welcome to Sweets Entertainment! Denver’s #1 Party Spot to Meet Sexy Young Swinger Couples and Singles! Denver Swinger Parties.

Entertainment comes in so many forms! Our entertainment factor is to provide exclusive events, parties, mix-n-mingles, professional networking functions and more for Denver Colorado swinger couples and singles, 21 years of age or older.

We have been hosting and arranging exclusive events for Denver’s swingers in Denver Colorado for 11 years! We understand and respect YOUR privacy, so all our events are PRIVATE and held in various night clubs and lounges throughout Denver Colorado and the metro area. We provide a social network for you to meet, party, flirt, dance, engage in conversation in a non-pressure, non-threatening atmosphere.

Sweets Entertainment normally host parties at Off-Premise locations. Why? We feel that whether you are a seasoned lifestyler or just starting out, sometimes you just want to meet others in a sexy, fun, flirty no -pressure atmosphere. What you do after the party…well that’s up to you! You will find our parties very lively and every detail has been planned out for your exclusive enjoyment. To say the least, we LOVE what we do!

Our guest’s ages and backgrounds are as diverse as the events and parties we host. ALL guests must be 21 years of age or older to attend our events and all our guests must be on our guest list for entrance. Does all this sound invite? Do you want to start meeting “like-minded” sexy swinger couples and singles in Denver?

Where Do Sweets Entertainment Parties Take Place?

We utilize nice Off-Premise clubs and lounges in Denver Colorado and metro area. We generally reserve the entire club so it is PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE for YOU! We try to book clubs that are open-minded to want a fun, sexy, classy high energy crowd at their establishment. The general public is not allowed to attend our parties. However, some of the clubs we utilize may have areas of the club that is open to the public during our events. So appropriate behavior and attire are always expected. Remember…. we host at Off-Premise clubs so there is no playing or nudity that takes place. It is a fun night of dancing, cocktails, socialization, conversation, flirting with your lifestyle friends! What you do after….up to you!

Who Attends Sweets Entertainment Parties?

We do cater to the swinger crowd so most of our guests are in the swinger lifestyle or curious about it! Our guest’s ages and backgrounds are diverse. ALL of our guests must be 21 years of age or older to attend our events. Our guests are classy, sexy, discrete and very respectful of others. The average age is 25-50. You will never see any of our guests be out of line, or disrespecting anyone. The woman dress to please and LOVE shopping for that perfect outfit to match our party themes. The gentleman is simply that….gentleman who love seeing their ladies dressed up for a fun and sexy night out. Our guest list reaches 300 or more, so it is a party NOT TO MISS! Our parties are open to couples and single females only! We do have select single gentlemen that attend, but that is by our invitation only.

What Takes Place At Sweets Entertainment Parties?

The same thing that takes place at any other Off-Premise Club! People mingle, dance, flirt, have cocktails and just have a fun and sexy evening in a no pressure environment. Ladies…if you ever wanted to let your self get a little wild, let your hair down and show off the exhibitionist within…this is the place to do it! For those of you that are new to the scene. Off-Premise clubs are not “play” clubs. On occasion, we will host a party or event at an On-Premise club where playing is allowed, BUT most of our events are at Off-Premise clubs. Remember, we provide a social network, in a sexy, fun and flirty venue for you to meet like-minded adults.

Can We Have Sex at These Parties?

Most of our events are held at Off-Premise venues where sex and nudity are not allowed per the law! We can be very flirtatious, but there can be NO SEX or FULL NUDITY! We take pride in the fact that we are a classy and respectful group and this is precisely why these clubs love us and we continue to have successful parties. An Off-Premise venue provides a safe, non-threatening environment to meet, mix-n-mingle and party with other like-minded swingers. On occasion, we will host events at On-Premise venues where playing is allowed and that will always be noted in our advertisement.

How Often Do You Have These Parties?

We generally only host parties once or twice a month as to keep the ideas and themes fresh and exciting for everyone! What Is The Cost To Attend? We have all been to swinger parties that you pay high dollars for and that just gets you in the door to a “swanky” club and that’s it! No private venue, no food, no drink specials…. nothing! So your left feeling like you just paid to allot $$ just to hang with everyone to include “vanilla’s”. We don’t feel that Lifestyle events should cost a lot! So we offer VERY affordable party fees and try to give you something for your money! There are no membership fees and we make it simple as most of our events are pay-at-the-door. On occasion, we will arrange parties where your party fee is payable online via our secure website. We also provide you an exclusive and completely private venue! Not just a private access or a small roped off area, but a COMPLETELY PRIVATE venue…there is a difference! Typically, we arrange the following but does depend on the party we are hosting. Prize give-a-ways drink specials, host hotel close to the venue, special dinner menu, etc…

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