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Splash Takeovers (Titusville) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Titusville, FL, USA
Phone: 888-278-2483
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://splashtakeovers.com/

Splash TakeoversSplash TakeoversSplash Takeovers

Splash Takeovers has been hosting couples only, clothing optional lifestyle/swinger hotel takeovers in South Florida for over 10 years now.

Each year you can expect a full hotel takeover with consistently over 1,000 guests.  Clothing optional pool parties, live entertainment, sexy couples, as well as vendors, playrooms, and seminars are all things you can expect at our events.  Couples come from all over the world each year to attend and we always sell out, so the sooner you book the more fun you will have.

You always pay only one price for our events.  Your registration fee includes your room for the entire convention as well as all entertainment, parties, seminars and late night hospitality rooms.  You are responsible for your food and drink.

A luxurious hotel. Create your fantasies here.

Indulge your fantasies in this gorgeous 4-Star resort.

Yes…this is a COMPLETE hotel takeover!!

The Clothing Optional Pool is sure to be a hub of activity.  A great place to get Wet!

The classy bar is a great place to break the ice and meet some new friends.

This 4-Star resort has a superb restaurant on site.

Theme Nights. Use your imagination to bring these dance party themes to life!

Thursday Night – Sexy Little Black Dress

Friday Night – Pretty in Pink

Saturday Night – The Ultimate Glow Party

Playrooms. For every desire.

Splash Takeovers’s Rooms speak for themselves. Just a few to WETT your appetite:

The Red Room Explored!! It’s fun, exciting and it feels good. It can be an emotional thrill, a great way to reinvigorate a relationship, or to connect with a partner and create intimacy.

The Mocha Room sponsored by Splash Mocha!! Do you have a craving for something sweet and hard with rich dark tones? Well, we have you covered. The gentlemen of the chocolate room are sure to satisfy even the most extreme craving and desire for sexual chocolate. We are sure you will satisfy that sweet tooth.

The Dark Room!! How erotic would it be to jump into the dark room? When the lights are out, give yourself over to the sensation of touch and the mystery of the unknown.

The Puppy Pile Room!! This is the Ultimate in Open Playroom layout. Where there is lots of room to spread out, have the time of your life and if you have what it takes, you might even make it to the summit of this sexual mountain. There is only one way to find out!

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