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Secrets – Tulsa (Tulsa City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Tulsa, OK, USA
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://clubsecretstulsa.webs.com/

Secrets – Tulsa

Club Secrets Tulsa “where couples go to Play”



Hosting a private members lifestyle for Tulsa swingers club hosting semi weekly events. Our events are for couples interested in the lifestyle, swingers parties in Tulsa.  Swinging also known as  “the lifestyle”.   Our events are byob/byol and are hotel events. Secrets has been hosting Lifestyle events for over 10 years now.

Basic -PRIVATE PARTY -Membership requirements 21 yrs of age, understand basic lifestyle etiquette, No means no and follow rules of the event. Follow all club, city and state laws. This can be handled with an at the door agreement!

We average over 100 couples per event. Secrets “Where couples come to play with each other”.

Upcoming Events

~~~~ Tonight Friday Feb 19th SunKISSEvent ~~~ Couples Karaoke Event (PJ PArty) 02-19-2015 8pm-130am  Hotel Bar Takeover Location : Martinis- 2600 N Aspen 2nd Floor or Clarion Hotel, Broken Arrow, OK  15 cpl, 5 sf, 25sm standard lifestyle rules apply.  This is a private event must be 21 yrs of age to attend purchase armbands upon entry.


Secrets Upcomming Events

March 12th St Paddys 

~ Contact Secrets at 918-205-4776 Text or call for location n party info


SunKiss Events (upscale events) Events

July 30th Pool n Foam Hotel Takeover Party 

Oct 29 Halloween Hotel Floor Takeover Party 

#Sunkiss2016 #SunKissEvents to attend Sunkiss Events see http://sunkissevents.webs.com/ or Text only 918-490-8200


 Don’t Forget About Sunkiss Pool Party Takeover Events 100’s in attendance 



Please join our yahoo user group to stay updated on all events

Join our Private Group on Facebook  FRIEND our MC to be added  Johncs MatraDe

~~~ Also join our yahoo group 1100 members strong >    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Club_secrets/Thanks for visiting us.

A few Tulsa Swingers Party Reviews

This has to be one of the BEST parties of the year! Two days of fun in the sun with hundreds of sexy, friendly people! Everyone made us feel like we belonged and had attended tons of parties. Thank you everyone and especially Club Secrets for making this party so special & comfortable for us.

If you miss this party, you might as well stay home for the rest of the year! WOW, doesn’t even come close to describing it!


We had a wonderful time at the pool party and the dance and after party were just awsome. The host were great and everyone made us feel very welcome.Which was great because this was our first event with them. They picked a nice , secure place to hold their party, it was clean and the rooms were large.We cant wait for the next party, looking forward to seeing all the great people we met again. We would like to thank everyone who was there for makeing our first club secrets party so great.



I had such a blast at Club Secrets! So many nice people, fun activities, and great music selection. It’s in a hotel, which makes it that much sweeter!

I’m so glad I went to the party. I will definitely return for more fabulousness!



WOW the venue is all suites no kiddos it’s the only true hotel takeover, awesome DJ and live band, and OMG sexy people galore, we are so sold Club Secrets is simple the best.




**** A few Facts about the Lifestyle Q and A style

Q What is swinging?

A A form of recreational social sex between consenting adults, most commonly consisting of male/female couples meeting with other male/female couples for sex and ongoing intimate friendships.

Q If Swinging illegal?

A Quoting Attorney L Waters “There is nothing illegal about participating in, or attending events focusing on the swinger lifestyle,” he tells me. “It is not illegal to have more than one sexual partner in the United States of America. It’s a free country. The government is not in the bedroom to that extent and if the government did try to pass a law, it would be invalid under the right to privacy.”

Q Any suggestions for newbies?

A Talk Talk Talk about it, have clear rules, safe words, and about enjoyment.

Club Secrets Tulsa

Club Secrets has been hosting LS Events for over 9 years in Tulsa Metro area.


Most events are held at route 66 event hall on occasion we do other events, Hotel Takeovers  and Cash Bar Takeovers neither is open to general public. $1 of your entrance fee covers your membership we do ask that you have a basic understanding of Lifestyle rules, No means No, Zero Drama will be tolerated. The host require all members to wear arm bands while at the  ALL events zero tolerance!


Club Secrets does allow single females and a very select well validated males (very limited). Males must be pre-approved. Single Males you are guest(s) of the lifestyle and will be held to higher standard of conduct.  No Warnings will be given.  A few tips be respectful to both husband and wife, don’t be offended if someone says no allways ask before touching. Dress to impress.

Membership Requirements all can be handled at the event door, by attending event you must agree to the following:

1.)That you are 21 years of age

2.)Agree not to drink and drive, and follow all posted rules and follow all city, state and federal laws at our events.

3.)Zero Tolerance for Drug use, not being polite to anyone zero tolerance for drama.

4.)No means No!!  Always ask prior to touching.

5.) The Club reserves the right to ban, evict, remove any patron for disruptive behavior. 

Our basic rules must be 21 years of age, have basic understanding of the lifestyle rules (see below), be in commited relationship, don’t drink and drive we offer hotel options at our events, and drama caused will result in being removed from the event and possible banning of attending future  club events.


Please read below a general outline of the lifestyle do and don’ts and other information.


Swinging Dos and Don’ts



  • Be truthful and honest.
  • Talk to your partner; let them know your feelings.
  • Be yourself.
  • Decide what your needs are, your interests and desires.
  • Tell other people what your needs, interests and desires are.
  • Use Protection.
  • Be willing to try new things… within your limits.
  • Move at your own pace � Don’t be rushed by other people.
  • Respond even if it’s to say ‘no thanks’
  • Research
  • Have Fun




  • Don’t be rude.
  • Don’t be vague about your desires.
  • Don’t Lie
  • Don’t cross other people’s limits
  • Don’t Cheat!!
  • Don’t give out personal information until you’re very comfortable with others.

New Couples Guide:

Suggestions for New Couples

Stay together as much as you feel you need to, but don’t hold onto one another like your life depended on it, or seem clingy, as this will make it more difficult for other couples to approach you.

As time goes on at the party there may be general ‘disrobing’. Only go as far as you want to and feel comfortable with. You will be accepted if you chose to remain fully clothed, although it is recommended that you try to include your self as much as possible, changing into something more revealing will help others include you and make you feel more involved.

Don’t worry about asking your hosts or other guests questions, swingers are generally interested in meeting new people, and will help explain the lifestyle as much as possible.

If there is a hot tub or spa for instance, try to use it, being nude, close to other people with a valid reason will help you make new friends.

Try as hard as you can to leave your inhibitions at home, both sexual and social. These can interfere with your swinging pleasure, you can’t expect to get much out of a swingers party if your not prepared to put much in.

Don’t pretend to be someone else, be friendly and good natured. A warm smile has a positive effect on every body.

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Suggestions for New Couples’ page and that it met up to your expectation.


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