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Ravish Austin (Austin City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Austin, Texas, USA
Instagram: @ravish_atx
Twitter: @ravishatx

Ravish Austin

We are Austin’s premier social club for swinger, fetish and polyamorous adults. Hosting bi-monthly socials and themed events quarterly, Ravish brings together like-minded adults for friendship, learning and fun through dazzling and creative events that transport the mind and make fantasies a reality. Our members are open minded, warm and welcoming to all. Ravish is both the perfect place to start for the newly curious and it is a social home for those experienced in the delightful variety of fetish, swinger and polyamorous lifestyles. So come by yourself or bring a companion, but please do join us at our next cocktail social or event. We are looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to some new friends!

We wanted to meet and connect with other like minded sexy adults at gorgeous and sensual events. As with many things, we found that the best way to get what we wanted was to make it ourselves.  We began with our very first event in the spring of 2015. We labored over the details of the food, decor, music and ambiance because we wanted everything to look, sound and taste delicious. Like any good host, we planned how we would ensure that our party was welcoming to all and how we would facilitate social connections between our guests. Our guests promptly rewarded us by interpreting the theme in some incredibly creative and exquisite ways in their attire, by showering us with glowing reviews and by making lasting connections with us and each other.

We followed that first success with a series of events: a formal fall Masquerade Ball and a holiday party in 2015; a Mysteries of the Orient party and a second Masquerade Ball in 2016; a Bacchanalia party and the weekend-long Camp Ravish in 2017. Along with our larger gala worthy events, we have smaller, fun and educational gatherings such as the first in our “Ravish U” series called “Girl Play 101”. Our commitment to providing the best for our members has brought speakers, presenters and entertainers to Austin from both coasts. Our focus on quality and attention to detail challenges what an “all-inclusive” adult night out is supposed to be.

Ravish is home to those who are happily partnered and single. Our members are innovators and free-thinkers; the shy and the bold; engineers and artists; doctors, lawyers and scientists; nerds and fashionistas; professors and the self educated. If you have an open heart and mind, are seeking to expand your social circle and add to your list of interesting experiences, we would like to welcome you to Ravish.

Ravish Event Rules:

  • All Ravish events are 21 and over, and identification must be provided as proof of age at time of entry.
  • Tickets will be required to attend all Ravish events that are not free of charge and are non-refundable. Tickets for events will be made available online and shall be purchased in advance of any event. No tickets will be available day of.
  • All Ravish events are considered confidential. Participants are not permitted to discuss event details or activities with any non-participants. Use of cameras or other recording devices are strictly prohibited at all Ravish events. If you must use a cell phone, we ask that you step as far away as possible from any activities currently taking place.
  • Rules related to specific events will be provided at time of ticket purchase.
  • In accordance with all local and state laws, recreational drug use is strictly prohibited at all Ravish events.
  • Unless stated otherwise, alcohol consumption is permissible in moderation. Those found to be intoxicated or otherwise not in control of their faculties will be called a cab and asked to vacate the premises.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.  These areas will be identified on an event by event basis.
  • Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited at all Ravish events.  Exceptions may be made for certain knives or swords as part of a costume with advanced notice at the discretion of staff.
  • Firearms are strictly prohibited at all Ravish events.  You are hereby advised that pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter this property with a concealed handgun.  “This property” shall include ANY public or private structure that Ravish Austin has legally or financially secured for the purpose of hosting an event.

Ravish Dress Code:

  • Ravish holds public cocktail socials as well as private parties.  In general, unless otherwise noted, “cocktail attire” is the most appropriate style for all Ravish events. Think somewhere in between formal wear and business casual. Not sure what cocktail attire means? When in doubt, choose dark, muted colors. For the men: suits, ties and slacks with a button shirt a perfect. For the ladies: a little black dress, fun jewelry, heels (if that’s your thing) or other garments that are a step up from basic “business casual.” Our motto is essentially this; be yourself and wear what makes you feel good! Think about how you can best represent yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable, sexy and confident.
  • For our themed private parties, many of our guests enjoy having an opportunity to wear unique attire that fits with the theme.  If that sounds like fun to you, we encourage you to think about what that particular party theme means to you and interpret it to create an ensemble that’s unique to you.
  • What not to wear: jeans, sneakers, casual shorts, t-shirts or anything that could otherwise be considered “streetwear.” Please also avoid clothing that may be considered too risque or revealing during our cocktail socials as they are held in a public space.
  • So get dressed in your best and spend some time with us!

What to expect:


Ravish prides itself on being sexy, friendly and inclusive. Our events are fun and exciting for couples, trios and more. We aim to create social and party experiences that are accessible and accommodating to all sides of the social, sexual, relationship and gender spectrum. This includes swinger, fetish, polyamorous and even the occasional “vanilla” adults!

How may this philosophy play out you might ask? Well the first thing to expect is that a Ravish event will typically be held in a beautiful location, whether that’s a classy cocktail bar, private residence or property. The first encounter you might have at a Ravish event is a warm welcome by either the group leaders or active group members. Expect to mingle and engage in conversation while meeting plenty of other like-minded folks!

If you’re shy and it’s your first time just remember to keep an open mind and remember that all Ravish members are present because of a common goal — to meet other fabulous people! We encourage you to step out of your shell and strike up a conversation with someone you might not know; we are fairly certain you won’t be disappointed.

Our larger events are often themed, and usually include food, beverage, and entertainment. Expect to be greeted and oriented to the event space, and to be immersed in sexy and lively surroundings.

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