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Pleasure Palace 51 (Galesburg) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: 1438 Knox Highway 9, Galesburg, IL 61401, USA
Phone: (309)289-2375
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://pleasurepalace51.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ppalace51

Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51Pleasure Palace 51

Pleasure Palace 51 is an on premises lifestyle swingers club in Galesburg, IL. We are proud to be one of the best Illinois Swingers Club. Pleasure Palace 51 allows couples, single women and single men.

We ARE the most talked about Lifestyle Club outside of the Chicago Area. Be prepared to experience your pleasures at Pleasure Palace 51. Downstate Illinois’ #1 on-premise lifestyle swingers club. Come join us for non-stop excitement every Saturday night.


Pleasure Palace 51 has dry saunas for you to be able to use. These saunas are infrared so no steam at all.


Pleasure Palace 51 has many rooms for your fun and enjoyment. Included are multiple private and semi private rooms. Also, a large open area for those who enjoy it.


Pleasure Palace 51 has a cash bar for your convenience. This allows you to order drinks from the bartender without having to worry about stopping by the liquor store prior to arriving.

Soft drinks, juice and water is also available.

*All bar staff work for minimum pay, gratuity is greatly appreciated!

Outdoor Patio

Pleasure Palace 51 has an outdoor patio area. This area is surrounded by a privacy fence, and is unable to be viewed from the outside.

We always have a fire blazing and plenty of lounge chairs and tables for your enjoyment.


  • No weapons are permitted inside the club. (Such as guns, knives, etc.)
  • NO MEANS NO! Respect other members’ rights. Do not be pushy and do not be a pest.
  • No cameras or recording devices and equipment, either audio or video, will be permitted inside the club or property. This includes club members, any direct, or indirect, employee of the press or news media of any kind. Such devices, in whole or part, will be confiscated. Legal action may be brought up against the violator for invasion of privacy or whatever grounds that might be appropriate
  • NO CELL PHONES will be allowed inside the club. If you bring a cell phone in, you be asked to leave it in your vehicle. If you must have a cell phone, we will label it with your name and keep it in the office. Turning off your cell phone or putting it in a locker is not an option.
  • If you are intoxicated and becoming obnoxious and unruly, you will be asked to leave. This action will be the sole decision of the Pleasure Palace 51 staff.
  • No loitering will be allowed in the parking lot or around the building.
  • If you need to leave the club for any reason (check your phone, etc), please just let the staff know.
  • Pleasure Palace 51 has the right at their discretion to inspect all parcels brought inside the club, including purses. You may be asked to lock up purses or bags; this will be the sole decision of the club security and staff.
  • No outside alcohol, please
  • Pleasure Palace 51 is a private club and any activity that takes place inside, should remain private. What happens at Pleasure Palace 51 stays at Pleasure Palace 51.
  • When entering or leaving the club, only use the MAIN entrance. All other doors are EMERGENCY exits only, and are equipped with alarms.


Entrance Fee:
  • Couples- $55.00
  • Single Males- $75.00
  • Single Females- $25.00

After 9 paid visits, the 10th visit is free!

Lifetime Membership Fee:
  • Couples- $25.00
  • Single Male- $50.00
  • Single Female- $25.00

On your first visit, all new members must pay BOTH the applicable membership fee PLUS the entrance fee. For example, a single male would pay $50.00 for membership PLUS $75.00 for entrance fee, for a total of $125.00. All subsequents visits would be just the entrance fee.

You may use your credit card for your membership and entrance fee, all bar purchases are cash only.

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