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M & M PARTIES (Deltona City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Deltona, FL, USA
Website: http://www.mmparties.com/


We are a pair of couples who are party promoters however also host several monthly house parties.

Life is short so why not just have fun.

We try to create a fun and sexy atmosphere. Mostly all parties are themed. We also set up several meets and greets. The lifestyle is about variety and we are going to provide that.

Don’t miss out on our parties. Professional DJ system and lighting, dance floor, and food. Private pool and jacuzzi also. We provide nice private areas also to get to know one another better.

Don’t wear

  • Worn out, or out of style jeans. If your pants have more holes than Swiss cheese or look like the dreaded “mom jeans”, just leave them at home!
  • Tennis shoes, white socks, or flip flops. Shoes are an important part of an outfit whether you are male or female. Everyone should have one pair of nice looking or sexy shoes. I just have a big problem with white socks. They never ever belong in a black pair of shoes.
  • Sweat pants or athletic attire of any sort. I just can’t believe this happens, but I have seen it before with my own eyes. Blazer and sweat pants. What are you thinking?
  • Anything that is ill-fitting. Short dresses are hot, but if you butt cheeks are hanging out it with no effort at all it just doesn’t fit.

Do wear!

  • Sexy dresses, stylish jeans, and dress pants. A nicely dressed man or woman will always command more attention.
  • Ladies, accentuate your cleavage! Don’t be afraid to try a plunging neckline. Men just love it plain and simple.
  • Spike heels just this one night or a hot pair of dress shoes. I look at a person from head to toe. The entire package plays a role in attraction for me. I bet it does for you too.
  • Dress for the theme. Theme parties are always fun. While it’s not mandatory to dress in theme, it can make for a fun night!

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