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Invite Only (Chicago City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Chicago, IL, USA
Website: https://www.inviteonlyparties.com/sessions/new

Invite OnlyInvite OnlyInvite OnlyInvite Only

What is Invite Only?

Invite Only is Chicago’s Premier Lifestyle Event Company.¬†Whether you identify as Lifestyle, Swinger, Kink, Fetish, or Polyamorous we cater to all sex-positive couples who are ethically non-monogamous and single females looking to play with couples. Invite Only has been featured on Playboy Radio’s Holli & Michael show numerous times including live broadcasts at our large events and we have been reviewed all over the web as the best in our area. Our events provide numerous top-notch amenities and attention to detail that is unmatched. ¬†We host several types of gatherings on a monthly basis including free bar-meets, low-volume private lounge events, full-scale nightclub takeovers and hotel events with hundreds of people from around the country. We also host life-changing Travel Events in destination cities all over the US including Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Colorado, Cancun, Jamaica, and the East Caribbean. Our resident DJ’s¬†Randall Dean¬†(S&S Records) and special guests¬†play the best music all night long to set the mood perfectly. We are known for having the youngest, sexiest and most active group in Chicago and we growing rapidly on the national scene. As there are no brick and mortar clubs in Chicago we are the only place to find full-scale play-on-site experiences for those who want to party and play in the same place. The most common feedback we receive is how warm and inviting everyone is especially to new people.

We are constantly striving to provide new and exciting ways to improve your experience every time we throw an event.  Come by and see for yourself what has made Invite Only the most popular Lifestyle Community in the Midwest and the fastest growing group in America!

For answers to all frequently asked questions and a list of our rules please click on the tab above labeled “QUESTIONS” or click¬†here.

RULES – Rules for our events are listed in grey on this page.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – WEBSITE – FAQ’s regarding our website are listed in green.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – EVENTS – FAQ’s regarding our events are listed in light blue on this page

What’s the difference between¬†InviteOnlyParties.com¬†and¬†HerPleasureParties.com¬†events? ¬†The main difference is that Her Pleasure events will allow solo men to the events restricted to a specific area so that couples can meet and mingle with them in a controlled environment. We will also be expanding upon the “her pleasure” part by incorporating elements at the events such as toys and different play environments. More to come on that as these parties evolve.
Invite Only events will continue to remain the same as they always have, allowing no solo men at the events.
Invite Only Event Rules
  • CONSENT: ¬†Everyone must ALWAYS ask for consent before touching someone or watching them in a private playroom. ¬†Even if you’ve had experiences with them in the past it’s always best to ask. It will be appreciated!
  • Invite Only does not release our guests’ private information to other guests; nor does Invite Only sell guest information. To contact an Invite the Only guest, you will need to ask the guest directly at an Invite Only Event or contact them through our system if you are a Premium Member.
  • If someone is making you feel uncomfortable and it cannot be resolved through polite discussion, PLEASE TELL ONE OF THE STAFF. ¬†Do not take matters into your own hands. ¬†Any arguing or violence will result in you being escorted from the event and never invited back.
  • Couples must arrive and depart the event together.
  • Please respect the venue at all times by keeping it clean and picking up after yourself. If you have an accident, please clean it up, and/or notify staff to help you.
  • If you enter one of the open group-play areas to observe, we kindly ask that you whisper or do not talk at all.
  • Please do not invade the personal space of others while they are playing. If there is a doubt, please ask them if they would like your company.
  • Please keep your voice down outside and respect the neighborhood.
  • Invite Only has a no-tolerance policy for drugs or prostitution.
  • No solicitation of business of any kind is permitted without prior written consent from Invite Only.
  • Overly intoxicated guests will be asked to leave the party or will be denied entrance.
  • Please check any and all drama at the entrance. ¬†Invite Only parties are a drama free zone and our community members would like to keep it that way.
  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in your immediate eviction from the event and you will not be allowed back.
  • If you see something, say something. ¬†Not everyone knows the rules, and it is up to the community to help educate new members.

Frequently Asked Questions – Events

Q – What kind of parties do you throw?
A РWe throw several types of events.  Newbie Nights, Takeovers, and Travel Events such as resort takeovers and Full Ship Swinger Cruises. Q РWhen will we get the address for the event?
A – For ALL of our events we email the address out by noon on the day of the event to the email address you gave us. ¬†For paid events, only ticket holders will receive the address. ¬†If you paid for an event on the day it occurs and you purchased after 12:00 PM the address and any additional info will be emailed instantly to you once you complete your purchase.Q –¬†I’ve RSVP’d, why did we not get the email with all the info?
A – All of our emails are set up to go out automatically. ¬†If you don’t see the email from us there are three possibilities: 1. You are checking the wrong email account. ¬†This happens all the time as people occasionally buy their tickets with a different account than the one they used when they made their profile. ¬†2. You typed your email incorrectly when you signed up. 3. The email was sorted to a spam folder or some other folder that many popular email services are using these days. Assuming you typed your email correctly when you signed up or bought your ticket here is what to do: Click on your email’s “search” feature (often looks like a magnifying glass), type in the word “INVITE ONLY” (no spaces) and click SEARCH. ¬†This will pull up ALL emails we’ve sent you including any that went to SPAM folders. ¬†Look for the email that will have a subject related to the event in question, it will probably be one of the first in the list. REMEMBER TO READ THE WHOLE EMAIL!

Q – What should we expect at your free NEWBIE NIGHT Meet & Greets?
A -Our free Newbie Nights are held in Chicago about once per month in the evening. They are held at hip nightclubs and lounges. As they are open to the public as well, they are fully clothed and do not offer any play-on-site. We usually hand out wristbands as a discrete way of letting our group know who’s with us.¬†We average 20-40 couples and a few single females each time which varies based on the day of the week. ¬†Ages range from the mid-20s to mid-40s although all ages are welcome. These events offer a chill, affordable and low-pressure setting to network, flirt and if all goes well, something SEXY after the party ūüėČ ¬†We have a rotating set of venues to keep things fresh. ¬†Each one draws a great balance of sexy regulars and fun newbies so there are couples of all experience levels to chat with. We always start early giving you time to get your flirt on if all goes well something more private and less clothed afterward!Q – What should we expect at your monthly takeover parties?
A –¬†Our Full-scale Takeover Events are held at private venues and usually have between 150 and 500 people attending. They usually sell out and often have on-site play areas that are separate from the main mingle area (see flyer for each event regarding play). ¬†Purchasing your tickets ahead of time is highly recommended as the price of tickets goes up as the event draws near. ¬†The average age is mid 30’s but all are welcome!¬†¬†These events offer so much more than any of our competition. ¬†Some highlights: Several private & semi-private play areas on site with real beds, lube, condoms, towels, fresh sheets and an attendant to make sure they’re turned over after each use. We have by far the youngest and most height/weight proportionate crowd in Chicago land. ¬†We provide better venues that include upgraded lighting, sound, and whenever possible a quiet section for people to sit and chat. ¬†We look at every variable and affect the environment however possible to ensure the maximum enjoyment of our guests.¬†For a more detailed description of an event visit our Event section and click on the flyer to be taken to the Event Details page.
Q – Why are the BYOB parties a little more?
A – Our BYOB parties are a little more on average than our events hosted at bars/clubs because the venues cost more to rent. HOWEVER, YOU SAVE A LOT OF MONEY! Here’s why: The average price of a takeover party is $50 per couple at a nightclub and the average price of a drink in Chicago is about $10 per drink (includes a $1 tip), you’ve already spent $70 to get into the party and get one drink for you and your partner. ¬†You also had to wait in line at the bar an average of 10-15 minutes per round (a lot more during peak hours). ¬†Since the average cost of our BYOB parties is $60 you actually start saving money on your second drink on top of the fact that if you drink an average of 4 drinks each at the party you have saved an average of $60 as well as over an hour of time waiting in line at the bar allowing you to enjoy more of the party. ¬†Many of our guests love the BYOB because of this.

Q – What is your refund policy?
A РWe make this very easy and fair.  Refunds may be obtained by emailing us more than 24 hours before the event starts. If you cancel less than 24 hours from the start of the event no credit or refund will be offered at our events always sell out and in holding your spot we turn away other paying customers.

Q – Where can we get one of those cool Invite Only shirts or booty shorts?
A – There are two ways. ¬†First, log in to our website and click the tab labeled IO STORE. You’ll see a list of all of our available branded items. ¬†Secondly, when you click on the flyer for any of our paid events and then click the button labeled “Buy Tickets” you’ll see a list of-of our currently available booty shorts, men & women’s shirts and other items that come and go based on availability.

Frequently Asked Questions – Website

Q – What is Premium Membership
A – Premium Membership allows you to view profiles of other members and use the email system to contact other members, auto-date matchmaker (like tinder), and all of the other social media features of our site. Premium membership is a separate purchase from event tickets.

Q – What is “Auto-Date” used for?
A – Our Auto-Date feature is a matchmaking app that can be accessed from the main page or by viewing the “who’s going” page for any event. ¬†The people are shown in the “who’s going” page only shows the people attending that event. ¬†There are MANY more people available by using the app off the main page.

  1. You mark couples “interested” or “not interested” similar to other mobile dating apps like tinder etc.
  2. There are three options: “Pass,” “Like” and “Let’s Meet.”
  3. “Pass” means you are not interested. ¬†No one but you sees the profiles you’ve marked “Pass” and the app automatically sorts those profiles to the bottom of all Who’s Going pages and Search results so you never have to scroll past the profiles you’re not interested in.
  4. “Like” will only let the other profile know you’re interested if they also like your profile. It will also sort those profiles to the top of the Who’s Going pages and search results.
  5. “Let’s Meet” will send an auto-email to the profile letting them know you’d like to meet. ¬†This option will also sort these profiles to the top of the Who’s going pages and search results.
Q – Is signup on your website required?
A – NO – Sign up is¬†not¬†required to purchase a ticket. ¬†Sign up¬†is required if you would like to RSVP or view the “Who’s Going” pages for events. For members that sign up for a free account, we also host free events at bars, clubs, comedy clubs, and other fun outings such as our ladies’ nights that we only announce to people who have taken the time to create a free profile. Q – Are face photos required?
A – No, but we do recommend you have clear, recent body shots of both people. ¬†Doing so will SIGNIFICANTLY increase attention from people who may be interested in you. ¬†Conversely, most people will ignore a profile that does not have at least a few photos of both people.Q – Secret Facebook Group – what’s with that?
A – We run a secret group on Facebook with very tight security and the highest privacy settings. ¬†The group is 100% unsearchable from regular Facebook. ¬†Posts and members are only visible to those who belong to the group. ¬†We have to meet you in person before we can add you to the group. Zero exceptions. ¬†Our privacy and that of our community are very important and we also provide a help file with tips on how to Facebook anonymously. ¬†We’ve been on FB for 7 years in groups and it’s a great way to socialize and break the ice with many of the fun couples who are at our events. ¬†Email the hosts¬†with questions or interest.

Q – How can I make changes to my account?
A РYou can edit your profile by logging in from a computer.  A few basic edit features are available on the mobile app.

Q – Can I email other couples or view their profile and photos?
A – Premium Members can do these things.

Q – What is the difference between Early Bird, Wave 1, Wave 2 and Wave 3 Tickets?
A РAll of these ticket types get you the same thing.  Early bird tickets are usually half price and the price goes up from there until the day of the party.

Q – Do I have to purchase tickets ahead of time?
A – Technically no, you may purchase tickets at the door as long as the event is not sold out (almost all of our events sell out). Tickets are more expensive at the door and it doesn’t seem worth the risk to show up with cash and be turned away if we sell out prior to your arrival.

Q – Who sees my photos on my account?
A – The administrators of this site and Premium Members can see all of your photos except the ones you put in private “pass-key” albums. ¬†For these, you can give access to anyone you would like to share them with. ¬†Standard (free) Members can only view the default photo of the people who have RSVP’d for the same event as they have.

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