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DooLance (Campo Grande (MS)) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Campo Grande, SĂŁo Paulo - State of SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil
Phone: (67) 99854 7614
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.doolance.com.br/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doolance.cg
Twitter: @doolance


Here you will have the real opportunity to experience pleasant moments in a sensual, erotic, cheerful, private, liberal environment and completely removed from the problems and tensions of everyday life !!! Jealous, troubled, spiteful, ill-educated, sexist, low spirits and especially ‘non-liberal’ people should enjoy good television in the comfort of their home.


It is prohibited:

  • Entry of children under 18 years.
  • Smoking inside the establishment.
  • Chatting in places with an intimate atmosphere, it is also forbidden to travel with bottles and glass cups.
  • Consume drink not sold by the club. Subject to fine and / or cancellation of registration. We have Whiskey club inform at the reception.
  • Filming or taking photos inside the premises.
  • Enter with a melee weapon or a firearm.
  • Enter toilets that do not correspond to your gender.
# We are not a nightclub open to the general public, we are a Private Club, Closed, frequented only by couples who respect the club’s rules…

# We are not responsible for objects left in the house, for your safety and practicality we have lockers.

If you are thinking of registering to join the club with someone other than your real partner, please do not waste your precious time or ours, avoid the embarrassment of being discovered or reported by another couple and without a doubt will have their registration canceled.


We are a nightclub for couples, we do not allow the presence of singles, unaccompanied people, singles. We allow the frequenting couple to bring a female companion, but a male companion has to obey stricter rules because that person can only come on Fridays and accompanied by a registered couple who will assume full responsibility for the behavior of the same, the companion is obliged to always be the couple must interact with the couple, and the companion is not allowed to approach other couples. So it is very clear that the couple should only bring one guest (a) if they want to interact with him / her, otherwise they will compromise their registration at the club.

Dress code:

We leave customers at ease when it comes to clothes. Dress in the most comfortable way possible (without losing your elegance). Each one comes in the way you feel good, the fine sport suit is the most suitable suit, but it is not mandatory.

Women who feel at ease in more daring and provocative clothes, super necklines, transparent clothes, mini skirts, erotic fantasies, lingerie, feel free to encourage such an attitude here is the ideal place to abuse sensuality. If it is at your convenience, leave the house dressed in well-behaved clothes and change clothes on our premises, we provide changing rooms with lockers for this purpose.

To men: we even allow long shorts below the knee, caps are not, say, appropriate or indicated, but are not prohibited. As women are allowed and encouraged to move around in lingerie, topless or even totally naked and acting democratically, we also allow men the same condition, even because they also do shows .


  • Registered Couple R $ 50.00
  • Couple Without Registration * R $ 100.00
  • Woman R $ 25.00
  • Couple accompanying man ** (Friday) R $ 100.00
We do not allow the entry of a single and / or unaccompanied man . We are a club for couples
* Registration can be done right on the first visit but the promotions are only valid from the next visits. See the ‘ Register ‘ page to learn how to register with the club.
** ‘Couple Escort Man’ only on Friday and accompanied by a registered couple .
PROMOTION for registered couples: On Friday nights, the couple gets 100% discount on the next day’s invitation (Saturday).
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