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De S.A.D.E FetLife Group (Minnesota (MN)) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Minnesota, USA
Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/179864/about

De S.A.D.E FetLife Group

De S.A.D.E stands for:

S- Submissives

A- And

D- Dominants

E- Exploring/Experimenting

De S.A.D.E is a small BDSM group in Minnesota that is also sex-friendly.

This is a group for members that are into or interested in all things BDSM and kink. We provide you with a safe space to explore and experiment monthly, as well as provide our members with a themed demo/scene prior to kick off the party.

As stated above, De S.A.D.E. is a sex-friendly group, though this is not a swinger group. You will find folks from both the swinger and BDSM realm colliding at these parties to “get our kinks out.” Our members usually bring their own toy bags and there are some that volunteer to top during parties for those that do not have a Dom/Domme/Top present and have permission to explore with another.

De S.A.D.E. is open to all sexual orientations, gender identities, and levels of skill. We welcome feedback from those who attend and also have a kik group to stay connected (PM @JMarie2031 if interested).

De S.A.D.E Group rules:

  1. NO SUBSTANCE USE OF ANY KIND is allowed prior to or during De S.A.D.E events. We want our group participants to be clear-headed enough to give true and clear consent. If you violate this rule, you WILL be asked to leave. While we do NOT allow the use of any mind-altering substances prior to or during parties, we do recognize that we are engaging in activities that can, and for some will, affect a persons state of mind (subspace). We ask that you thoroughly negotiate a scene prior to beginning- do not obtain “heat of the moment” consent.
  2. Informed consent is the foundation of BDSM. Informed means that activities, safety concerns, and implications of activities are discussed beforehand to the best of both parties’ ability. Consent gained through either emotional or psychological manipulation is not considered informed consent.
  3. Safe words will ALWAYS be heeded!! For the purposes of the De S.A.D.E group, unless otherwise agreed upon by established consenting parties, “Red” will be our safe word. To make it easy on all, we will use the traffic light safe word system: Green=go, yellow=slow down, and Red= stop immediately.
  4. Consent can always be withdrawn except after the fact. Consent for one activity does not give consent for another. Consent given one day does not mean that it is extended into next week. Communication is KEY! Know what you are consenting to.
  5. Violations of consent will NOT be tolerated by the De S.A.D.E group. Consent violations will result in immediate and permanent removal from the party and future parties.
  6. NEVER INTERRUPT A SCENE IN PROGRESS!! If you have questions, please save them until after the scene has concluded. There is a difference between scenes and demonstrations.
    A SCENE is where people or a person does something that involves only them- generally others are allowed to watch, but CANNOT interfere.
    A DEMO/DEMONSTRATION is more instruction, information, and showing. The presenter will show how things are done and talk to the audience. There will likely be a time for questions and answers.
    YOU WILL BE MADE AWARE IF THERE IS A DEMONSTRATION. If you aren’t sure if what you are seeing is a scene or a demonstration, do NOT interrupt.
  7. Do NOT touch anyone’s equipment without permission.
  8. Your kink may not be my kink and that is OKAY! No kink shaming or attacks allowed. If you are uncomfortable, but the people involved in the scene are clearly consenting adults, you have two legs- WALK AWAY!
  9. If your, or you feel that someone else’s, consent has been violated, verbally tell an moderator, that is easily identified by bracelet, immediately. No one is exempt from the rules.
  10. Finally, don’t forget to have fun and ask questions! Remember, this is YOUR group! Please feel free to let moderators know about any demos you would like to see in the future or any party ideas you have. Enjoy!!

The rules will be amended by committee/moderators as more information is gathered.

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