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Eros (Cleveland City) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Cleveland, OH 44113
Website: https://cluberoscleveland.com/sessions/new


Eros Cle is an on-premise private night club that supports swing lifestyle. Pool table available. All are invited. Welcome to club Eros, Cleveland, Ohio!

More About Club Eros, Cleveland

Eros is the largest, most established adult entertainment club in the Midwest.

An innovator of lifestyle events for over 15 years, we offer the most original & deliciously erotic parties that set trends across the country. Our excellent amenities are a step above because we feel YOU deserve the BEST.

We are a private, members only club & our wonderful members are the heart & soul of our success. WELCOME & we do hope you will join the FUN!

Ohio Eros FAQ

What is your address?
Club Eros is located discretely at E 33rd & Hamilton Ave, Door A, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 (Enter thru E. 33rd St gates. There is a huge onsite parking lot with security on Saturday nights.

Do I HAVE to purchase a membership?
All attendees are required to become members in order to enter as this is a private, members only club. We do have an option for those couples who live out of state or those that are not sure Club Eros is for them. We offer a one night membership for just $20/couple. Should you decide to upgrade, you may do so on your way out that same night and just pay the $15 difference. Otherwise, couples memberships are $35 for 3 months, single males $35/3months & single females $25/3months. 3 month options do also give you certain site privileges like the ability to view profiles, message with other REAL members of Eros, view party guest lists & participate in Eros virtual events. *Door fees are separate from membership and listed on event details for each event.
Cash or credit accepted and prepay NOT required for most events. Credit cards bill discretely as ML Ticketing NOT Club Eros.

What do you offer at your club?
Click here for Amazing Amenities available ONLY at Club Eros

What days are you open?
Eros is open ONLY on those events days listed on the website. That is typically every Thursday & Saturday, occasional Fridays and random other special event days. I’ve been in business for 15 years and have tried literally EVERY night of the week. In trying to provide the best, most well attended events possible for you, I have found Saturdays just work best.

Do you sell/provide alcohol?
All our parties are BYOA (Bring your own alcohol). You may bring beer, wine, and/or any other bottle of liquor. We will keep it cold and safe for you behind the bar while you chat and play. When you’re ready for a drink, our bartender will be more than happy to serve you a nice cold beer or mix up your favorite cocktail. At the end of the party you can either take it home with you or we’ll place it in the trash for you. We are unable to keep, or store alcohol for you at the facility. No portable coolers are permitted so please bring whatever you are drinking in a plastic bag that may be easily transferred to our coolers.

Is there a dress code for your parties?
All Club Eros events require sexy/club chic attire to enter.  Chix pretty much can wear whatever they want, cuz, well, we already KNOW what sexy is. For guys, the following is NOT sexy club attire: baggy shirts or pants, sweatpants, baseball type caps of any kind, beanies, bandanas, T-shirts with obscene writing/graphics or that advertise your favorite beer or NASCAR driver, flip-flops, sports apparel of any kind (unless specifically themed event), work boots (unless you are a dancer or dominatrix), or anything else that club management deems inappropriate. Come dressed to impress sexy, sophisticated adults.

Special note on jeans & t-shirts. Designer/fashion T-shirts and Jeans ARE permitted when not tattered or covered in paint or dirt.  Final determination will be made by club management.

*Modified summer attire does include shorts. NICE shorts, Dockers or cargo, not basketball/athletic shorts. Think Shooters attire. Club casual.

Is there a place to change clothes from streetwear?
Yes, if there is something you want to wear at the club that you don’t want to wear out of your house, simply bring a gym lock & you can use one of our lockers. There are a limited number of locks at the front desk that you may secure with a $10 deposit if you forget yours.

What type of people come to your club? We’re NOT “Ken and Barbie” types. In fact, we’ve got some extra padding, will we fit in at Club Eros?
Absolutely! Club Eros is frequented by all types of sexy people. SEXY is a matter of how you FEEL, not how you look. We invite ALL people who feel hot and sexy to come to Club Eros and have fun! Our current member base is very diverse. The mean age range is 25-50, however we do have members who are older and younger than that. Our members consist of people from all races, sizes and demographics. The one thing they do have in common is that they are all SEXY!

How many people are coming to the party?
Since RSVP is never REQUIRED for those who are already members, there is not a way to know for sure before an event begins, how many will be in attendance. However, after having done this for over 11 yrs, we have a pretty decent guess. Most regular Saturday nights, are between 60-100 people. Most special events are between 120-250 people.  It really depends on the night, on the theme & what else might be going on around town. Our doors are open till 1AM so we do have guests arriving anywhere between 9PM & 1AM all night, with most present by 11:30 or 12. Fridays and other weekday events are usually smaller with 30-80 people…still a decent amount of SEXY Swingers! We currently have well over 10,000 members & average over 100 new members joining Eros each month. It’s safe to say that you’ll be in good company at ANY of our events!

We are completely new, can we attend and do we have to participate?
Of course! We don’t think of Club Eros as a swingers club, it is a place for open minded adults to come and enjoy each other in a sexually charged environment. You are welcome no matter what your sexual interests are. We have many couples who attend simply to enjoy the atmosphere we offer, nothing more. You will never be pressured into participating in “ice breaker games”, contests or new member “initiations” simply because we don’t do them (except on game night!!). We want everyone to have fun and feel comfortable at the club. If at any time your feel pressured or uncomfortable, let us know immediately and we will do our best to remedy the situation.

Do you allow single men at the club? If you do, are there a lot of them?
Yes, we do allow ATTRACTIVE, IN-SHAPE, WELL GROOMED, STYLISHLY DRESSED, COURTEOUS single men to attend events. We have THE best reputation in the area for the best single males out there. Club Eros has a ZERO tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior. We also currently do not offer open membership to new single men. They must attend one of the single male membership drive events (CockFest or Club Cougar) to possibly be selected by other members for membership. New single males are also welcome to attend Tryst~Daytime Playtime & Happy Hour events which include a temporary 1 day membership with door tix. If you would prefer no single males at all, we do have a couples ONLY area at the club as well as an entire event dedicated to such…Couples Night~Plus Sexy Unicorns.

I have a couples membership. Can I attend with a different person every time or by myself?
No, couples memberships are intended for actual couples. You may attend with that person and that person only. Only 1 change of partners is permitted on a membership. Those that attend with a different person every time should plan to obtain single memberships.

I’m not really single but I want to check out Eros without my significant other, is that allowed?
I’m not your Mama, but what WOULD she say to that? Club Eros was founded on the principles of true swinging. This lifestyle is about open, honest, loving relationships. If you prefer to cheat, I would suggest Ashley Madison or similar as Eros is probably NOT for you.

Are there any age restrictions for membership?
Yes, we kindly ask that all members and guests be at least 21 years old to attend ANY of our parties. Proper ID required for every event.

Do you allow cell phones/cameras in the club?
Cell phones are permitted in the club just no picture taking…EVER. Club Eros has a professional photographer at most larger events who will take your pic at no additional charge…all included in your door fee.  I do ask that cell phones are kept in the horizontal position so as to make everyone comfortable that you are NOT taking pics. But otherwise you may use them as needed. If you are going to take a call we do ask that you go to the lobby area for that.

What is your smoking policy?
We are proud to announce we are a smoke-free AND vape-free facility. Outside space coming soon!!

Some places have strict drug policies, what about yours?
We have a strict drug policy as well. Recreational drugs are not permitted on premise at ANY time. This policy is NON-NEGOTIABLE! You will be asked to leave and forever barred from coming back if you are found to have illegal drugs on your person (If I can SMELL it, you probably have it on your person!!) The only exclusion to this policy is PRESCRIPTIVE medicine carried in a clearly marked prescription container. Yeah, yeah, yeah, this does NOT include medical marijuana. Keep at home or in your car.

Are there any nice hotels nearby where we can stay overnight?
Yes, most any of the Downtown Cleveland hotels are within a 5-10 minute drive.

ErosoKC Amenities

Eros has over 15,000 sf of club, lounge & play space to stimulate your senses!

  Cleveland’s ONLY all-inclusive club! There is NO additional charge for all the little extras we provide to make your visit the most enjoyable experience possible!

  Chic modern industrial night club vibe
DJ with professional sound & lighting
Full service bars with complimentary washes, juices, & premium      energy drinks. Coke, diet Coke, diet Dr. Pepper, ginger ale, a               Sprite-type drink, cranberry, OJ, pineapple, watermelon sparkling      water, soda water, sour mix & Grizzly energy drink.
*BYOA   (Bring your own alcohol)
20 play rooms
Voyeur/exhibition rooms
Couples ONLY Lounge with play area
KINK Play Bondage Room
Large Lounge area w/pool table
Intimate seating throughout the club
SEXY group shower coming soon
Couples gloryhole room with TWO gloryholes
Group gloryhole U4ia box
Sexy pleasure swing room
Private restroom
Complimentary buffet including light dinner/snacks on Saturdays
Condoms*~ We do ask that you bring your own but in order to promote safe sex in our club, in the event you run out, there is a complimentary supply in every room.
All linens & wipes are complimentary, and as always, fresh sheets available upon request at no additional charge.
Locker/dressing room~Bring your own lock. Forgot yours? Ask at the front desk.
Extended hours and entry times to accommodate YOUR schedule better. Our doors are open til 1AM on Saturdays & the events typically go til 3AM.
Movie theater area

Quite simply, for your convenience, we offer you the BEST in amenities because you deserve the BEST!

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