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Burg Ibiza (F√ľrstenfeldbruck) Sex & Swingers Club

Address: Sommerkellerweg 20, 82256 F√ľrstenfeldbruck, Germany
Website: https://www.burg-ibiza.de/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Burg.Ibiza/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkWv6KkYPgL_1WEvEXlFlBA

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Our swingers club is located in the outskirts of Munich.¬†In F√ľrstenfeldbruck you will find our ”¬†Burg Ibiza¬†” in a¬†beautifully romantic location in the forest¬†on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 4,000 m¬≤ with a large¬†garden¬†and a¬†sauna area¬†.

We want to offer singles and couples a wonderful stay in our swingers club. Many tastefully furnished rooms and many playgrounds provide an erotic ambience.

Bar – lounge

Here is our newly renovated bar area Рspacious chill-out seating areas invite you to linger. Most of the guests start their visit to our swingers club there. We have now set up an extra smoking lounge for smokers . This is located behind the cinema area.


Our sauna and wellness area is newly renovated. The adjacent outdoor sauna can now be reached via a corridor. The  showers  are right next door.

China – knight

Couples get a key for the couple rooms.
This guarantees couples really only to be among themselves.

Porn cinema

In our porn cinema we continuously show you hot films that are guaranteed to get you going. You can really get down to business on the spacious playground.

Among other things, we show you films from our porn girls who regularly get the men going at our porn gang bang .

You can also watch the cinema room from the adjacent voyeur room through the perforated wall. The slightly different view of passionate couples and their games.

Starry sky

Couples make themselves comfortable here under a shining starry sky. Mirrors on the walls give this room a particularly erotic flair.

Make yourself comfortable here and enjoy yourself.

The terrace

Our terrace invites you to unbridled sunbathing. Enjoy the sun while enjoying the erotic atmosphere. You can also enjoy the food on the terrace that our cook Udo conjures up for you.

You can cool off in our pool , which is located directly on the adjacent outdoor area.

Outdoor area

Our outdoor area is a romantically landscaped large garden with a swimming pool in a wooded area. Many sun loungers invite you to relax in the large outdoor area . Let yourself be pampered by the sun and by other couples and enjoy the wonderful, green oasis in the middle of the forest.

Many swinger couples enjoy a sunny day in nature and see sunbathing by the pool as a prelude to a nice, lustful swinger evening.

Hygiene is very important:¬†The F√ľrstenfeldbruck health department checks the water quality of our pool every week.

Wooden huts

Forest villa

The new, heated forest villa to swing and fumble with – romantic – heated – sexy ūüôā

(heated from 12 noon to midnight).


  • Couples 75, – Euro (with JOY registration 65, – Euro)
  • Women 40 euros
  • Men from 100 euros

Rules in the swingers club Burg Ibiza

Here we would like to introduce you to a few swinger rules. So that a visit to the swingers club is pleasant, all guests should adhere to the following points.

  • Of course, people under the age of 18 are not allowed in.
  • The topic of AIDS is of course very important.¬†So that AIDS doesn’t stand a chance, we have condoms available everywhere.
  • The often quoted swinger rule “Anything can – nothing has to.”¬†Of course, this also applies to Ibiza Castle.¬†A “no” must be accepted in any case.¬†A visit to the swingers club does not mean that you can claim any rights for yourself.¬†There are no rights, such as the right to a woman or a man or to group sex.¬†Contacts are made based on mutual sympathy and consent.
  • For reasons of hygiene, it is not permitted to take food and beverages onto our playgrounds.¬†In the¬†bar¬†and¬†bistro area¬†, as well as on the¬†terrace¬†in summer¬†, guests are provided with culinary delights.
  • Smoking is only allowed in our smoking lounge.¬†The rooms and playgrounds are “smoke-free zones”.¬†This is not only a pleasure for non-smokers.
  • Entertainments are not welcome on the playgrounds.¬†Many couples feel disturbed by this and the erotic mood may fall by the wayside.¬†Guests are welcome to chat in the bar and bistro area.
  • We keep our rooms and playgrounds clean.¬†Our guests should also put towels, cloths and condoms in the containers provided.¬†Who wants to find used condoms on the playground?
  • High heels look very sexy, but you should avoid them on beds and playgrounds so that the mattresses are not damaged.
  • No drugs.¬†We are strictly against the use of illegal drugs.¬†Unauthorized consumption leads to an immediate house ban.
  • “Professional” women, ie prostitutes and hostesses, are just as undesirable as drunk and unkempt people.

Finally, a tip for single men: meet couples and women with empathy and patience. It can develop into a mood killer if you press your counterpart too much. Often, with a cautious approach, a lot more erotic mood arises.

Dress Code:

Ladies: Erotic lingerie, sexy underwear, see-through dress, patent leather / leather outfit, chain outfit, mini skirt, mini dress, topless, “the little sexy black dress”, corsages, boots, high heels, ballerinas – in short sexy.

Men: Chic underpants (classic white fine rib underwear is not so popular) chain outfit, black T-shirt, vinyl / leather outfit, suit trousers / black fabric trousers, topless, white shirt, mesh shirt, vinyl outfit, semi-transparent shirts, men’s skirt.

The most important thing is to be comfortable.¬†It’s not like everyone is walking around naked in a swingers club.

These outfits also apply to our wellness days.


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  • Just4fun is a club is a sexy adult club for all the fun loving people who like a controlled party environment. This is the most highly erotically ignited party atmosphere you have ever been to or heard about. Come mingle with our wild members and realize just what has been missing in your life.
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  • Dear guests of the Club-Karree The Karree:¬†over 1000 m¬≤ of space and space for swingers¬†The term “swing” is used to refer to many words.¬†Tolerance, lust, trust and many more.¬†We, the team of the Swinger Club Karree, offer you the opportunity to indulge in swinging in the many and varied rooms.¬†The entrance¬†lockers and showers¬†meeting bar¬†dining & coffee kitchen¬†playing fields¬†of the SM-room¬†The Discotheque¬†Pool & Garden At each of our events, it is our primary goal to prepare an unforgettable evening for you.¬†In order to achieve this for you, we make every effort, invest in many ideas and implement them with passion. Your registrations in various Internet forums such as JC, AW or on our homepage are an important planning criterion for us.¬†As‚Ķ
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  • ¬ĽLa Hu√ģtre¬ę – French for “The oyster”, the pearls of the oysters stand for exclusivity and style and that’s exactly what you will find in our lovingly furnished club … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic6Rwa804K8 On around 1,000 square meters, we offer an erotic, sophisticated ambience with seven imaginative themed adventure rooms in which you can live out your fantasies and wishes.¬†In the extraordinary wellness area with communal shower, sauna, relaxation area and whirlpool you can relax as you wish and let our in-house masseur knead you on Fridays and Saturdays. When the weather is nice, our sun terrace is open for you. In the well-stocked bar we have a large selection of drinks ready, so you can quench your thirst.¬†It is easy to‚Ķ
Landhaus Villa
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  • Landhaus is the joint where all the elegant couples and singles come to enjoy the best erotic entertainment in the planet. We provide a peaceful exciting environment for the superb fun leisure. Addiction to the club is almost inevitable.
Le Feeling
  • Germany > Munic
  • Enjoy your favorites at Le Feeling, an upscale swingers club for all around Munic. We have the best service in town and our events are striking. Le Feeling is the right place for the elegant individuals who like trying out new things. If you are the adventurous kind then know we are waiting for you here!
Little Sins
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  • Little sins is a mysteriously exciting swinger club. Over the years we have garnered a reputation for the best swinger parties and an ultimate lifestyle experience. If you are looking the best venue for all your little sins then this is the best place for you. Have fun!
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  • Escape from everyday life and experience the erotic world of Location One with charm and style.¬†You will experience a top-class night on 3 floors.¬†A special kind of adventure awaits you on over 900m¬≤ and in 9 lovingly designed rooms. OUR OFFER FOR YOU Inviting bar with a huge selection of branded drinks.¬†Saturdays with a cocktail bar cold / warm first-class buffet with regularly changing dishes Frivolous champagne bar from 23:00 – 01:00 Outside terrace¬† Pole dance pole Heated / covered smoking area Whirlpool & sauna 9 lovingly designed rooms with countless play options for couples 2 love swings 2 separate rooms SM room On every floor you will find fresh towels and all common care products from toothbrushes to hairspray.‚Ķ
  • Germany > Altleiningen
  • Entrance Fee: Couples up to 30 (79, – ‚ā¨- 89, – ‚ā¨) Pair¬†(59, – ‚ā¨- 120, – ‚ā¨) Single ladies¬†¬†(39, – ‚ā¨- 59, – ‚ā¨) Maihof Gold Card¬†(59, – ‚ā¨- 69, – ‚ā¨) Perks Maihof Gold-Card: With our Gold-Card you get a discounted admission, according to our admission price list. It is valid for 6 months from the day of collection and costs ‚ā¨ 180.00.   The Maihof Loyalty Card Collect meeting points during your visit (one point per club day). With 10 visits, you only pay ¬Ĺ entry for the 11th visit. With 20 visits, the 21st entry is free. You will receive the loyalty card directly on site, just talk to us about it!   Recommend Maihof If‚Ķ
  • Germany > Dallgow-D√∂beritz
  • We are a private and a high class that makes us extraordinary.We are looking to find friendly people who are open to new things in an erotic environment.Come join us and be sure to absolutely love it!!!!!!!Club mania the place to be!!
My Sexy Dreams
  • Germany > Hamburg
  • Its true you have sexy dreams. What we have is a set of skills and a nice special venue to make all your sexy dreams become reality. We have different types of entertainment for you. Choose just what suits you best and make life more interesting.
  • Germany > Hamburg
  • Are you an open minded individual who appreciates the swinging lifestyle? A great atmosphere among much more is what Mystery swinger club provides. Come learn more at our club and enjoy an experience like no other.
  • Germany > Gevelsberg
  • We cater for all couples as well as singles that we host. Sensual gatherings held at our secure location. Members are free to express a whole new level of freedom and intimacy that many clubs cannot allow.This is a good chance to deepen your friendship and emotional energy as a swinging community.
  • Germany > Bremen
  • Welcome to Nobbys’s the club that actually cares for its members. We understand that you try hard to have a life but there are just so many interruptions and that is why we have made this the swingers club that takes you to paradise. We hold many parties every month and you don’t have to worry bout membership fee-it’s free! Nobody caters to couples better than we do!
Number One de Saxx
  • Germany > Chemnitz
  • Number one de saxx is surely the number one swingers club in Germany! We get to create a luxurious a environment that is private for swingers.So all people in or around this area that are looking for fun and out of the world exiting moments in an erotic environment then this is where you should be..
Oase Dresden
  • Germany > Dresden
  • Get nice and ultimate experience you would definately want to tell the story. It is always lively making it the perfect spot for all liberated adults seeking to have fun.With a touch of class plus giving you a homely feel that will ensure your comfortability.Experince erotic fun you will love.
Paradise Club Reisen
  • Germany > Eschau-Hobbach
  • Do you want to meet other party people letting it all hang out?then brace yourself for real fun when you attend paradise club reisen.With great welcoming staff members and beautiful rooms that allow you to have your own time.come see the real haven and bring it down.We are waiting for you.
  • Europe > Germany
  • A best place to start and continue your insanely active and at the same time safe sexual life. It‚Äôs a way better to start it online and prepare for meetings in real life than do it at the bar or at the night club. Even sex/swingers clubs can be a great discouragement if you visit them without preparation. BTW most swingers clubs and local sex groups have their pages at the place we talk about.
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