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Swingers clubs in Oklahoma (OK)

There are several swingers clubs in Oklahoma. They are different: ones are very vanilla while others created for couples experienced in swinging. Membership is not expensive and entry fees are low. Most of them are invitations only.

4-SPC - Fayetteville city, OK, - Couples Only, Monthly Off-Premise Social Club

Bibabes and Swingers (BBS) - Tulsa, OK 74128, OK, - An erotic swing lifestyle club that hosts BYOB parties. All are invited to join.

Club Dreamers - Oklahoma City city, OK, - Club Dreamers is an Off Premise Lifestyle Club

Club Dreamers   # - Oklahoma City city, OK, 405-640-1446, - Off premise lifestyles club. The dance floor has a variety of lighting effects and is large enough for everyone. There is a free pool table ...

Club Okc Obsessions - Oklahoma City city, OK, - Club was closed several years ago! Couples Club for the young at heart

Club Rumors   # - Tulsa city, 12570 East 21st Street, OK, (918) 270-9059, - Club Rumors: Everything you heard is true...

Club Secrets TULSA   # - Tulsa city, OK, - Secrets Parties are held in big hotel ballroom and are BYOL. The hotel gives us a great rate starting $49.95 . The hotel has an ...

Eden - Oklahoma City city, OK, (405) 644-7990, - A premier Lifestyles Club Located in Oklahoma City

Friendship Plus - Oklahoma City city, OK, - Oklahoma's Premier Lifestyle Club for Couples

Hwy105   # - Guthrie, OK, - Dance socials for swingers.

Hwy105   # - Guthrie, OK 73044, OK, - All exclusive swing life style club offering BYOB parties, hot tub, music and has a nightly fee.Snacks are also available. All are welcomed.

Just A Party   # - Tulsa city, 1715 S. Sheridan Tulsa, OK, - All members are required to purchase a yearly membership. Single male memberships are $50.00 and Couples memberships are $25.00. Ladies memberships are $10.00. Entrance Friday ...

Night Light Desires   # - Oklahoma City city, OK, 405-245-1645, - On premises events with lots of entertainment.

OKC City Nights   # - Oklahoma City city, OK, - BYOB events (we provide the basic setups) and are a perfect opportunity for the curious and new-to-the-lifestyle couples to experience their first party.

Pixie's Playhouse   # - Oklahoma City city, OK, (405) 833-8950, - Non-smoking off premise club. Soft drinks and some mixers will be furnished along with a variety of snack foods.

Silk Stockings - OKC, OK, - Adventurous couples & select singles, off-premise

The Club   # - Oklahoma City city, OK, - We have biweekly parties on Saturday nights for couples, single females and a few select single male. "THE CLUB" is a place for alternative lifestyle ...

The Club   # - Oklahoma City city, OK, - An upscale dance social with complimentary hors d'oeuvres, great DJ and dance music, dance pole, cage, shadowbox and a dance floor.

The Green Door Tulsa   # - Tulsa, OK 74101 , OK, 918-805-3053, - A premier swingers club that hosts BYOB parties, plays live DJ music, has a swimming pool.Snacks also available.

Twisted Events - Oklahoma City city, OK, 405-, - Oklahoma City's Alt Adult Party Headquarters. Swngers and all lifestylers are welcomed!

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